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10 Calories Burning Exercises For Lazy Running People

[] Here is a good news for girls who are afraid of running: Running is not the only way to burn calories effectively. Let’s explore more with Hana about these 10 super calories burning exercises that can help burn calories to the maximum!

Running is a very effective exercise in burning calories, reducing stress and increasing our body’s stamina. However, it is a favorite sport for everyone, especially in this time where every distance is shortened by the use of modern and fast vehicles. A normal person can burn 10 calories per minute running. Below are exercises that will help you burn more calories than that stated number without sweating on the runner.

1. Kettlebell Swings

calories burning exercises 1
This is considered as an ideal workout for burning calories and achieving the perfect body measurements. Kettlebell swings easily increase the heart rate under each step to release body energy. Besides, this exercise has impacts on the whole body and especially centralizes in shaping the hip and buttocks.

2. Burpees

calories burning exercises 2
This one is extremely effective in reducing excess fat on the body. A research done by a group from University of American Sports Medicine indicates that a man weighing 80kg can burn 1.5 calories per turn. This number will increase as you exercise burpee continuously with short break time. 10 is the ideal number of burpee turn that should be done per minute.

3. Skipping Rope

calories burning exercises 3
Next to effective calories burning exercises for lazy people, this is skipping rope. Not only increasing the heart rate to prepare for the burning calories stage, skipping rope also helps improve the balance and flexibility of the body. Skipping rope with a moderate intensity will burn about 13 calories per minute.

4. Battle Ropes

calories burning exercises 4
This special rope exercise is the key to the success of the fitness. Double skipping rope burned approximately 10.5 calories per minute.
5. Walking Up A Ramp While Carrying Weights
calories burning exercises 5
Walking becomes difficult with steep and inclined terrains. Carrying some heavy things will make the walk even harder. This exercise is not expensive at all, all you need is a durable backpack that fully stuffed by heavy stones and a sloping terrain to walk. For each hour of walking at average speed, you can burn up to 415 calories.
6. Dancing

calories burning exercises 6
Dancing is definitely very fun! Besides, dancing can also be used as weapons blast away cellulite and excess calories. It can burn about 443 calories in an hour, so do not hesitate to invite your friends to go to the club.

7. Climbing

calories burning exercises 7
Besides being a fun activity that is very challenging and highly stimulate the proliferation of Adrenaline, climbing can also be used as a fitness training. An hour of climbing can burn about 455 calories.

8. Rollerblading/ Skating

calories burning exercises 8
This is a simple and interesting activity. In an hour, the number of calories burned by practicing rollerblading is double the calories from one hour of running.

9. Rowing

calories burning exercises 9
Surprise! Even if you row in sitting position, you still burn about 682 calories per hour, which is impressive!!! This makes boating become an extremely effective high-intensity exercises that you should add into your workout right now.

10. Boxing

calories burning exercises 10
Finally, try boxing as one of the most effective calories burning exercises for lazy running people. Let wear your gloves and rush to the gym for boxing, because it not only makes you feel tough but also causes your body to become strong, healthy and toned in a short time. A boxing exercise can burn up to 727 calories per hour.

With these calories burning exercises, you can train your body in various ways every week without boredness. Hope that you can stick with these exercises and reach your fitness goal. Thank for reading and learn more workouts in

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