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Why Do Women Get Dark Lips? And 10 Home Remedies For Dark Lips

[] Dark lips mar a woman’s appearance. They make her look pale, unhealthy and as though she does not care about her image. If you have them, you will need remedies to make them look rosy again. 
Take heart, because there are ways to shape your lips into a cute pout. These natural solutions are so simple that you will wish that you had thought of them before. I Love My Shape is proud to present a few home remedies for dark lips that will give you a brilliant smile.
 Why Do Women Get Dark Lips?
Before you treat your lips, you will need to know what darkens them in the first place. You will be better able to dodge triggers. Doing this means knowing your state of health and leaving bad habits behind. 
Lips darken when they are too dry. Note that they are rosy red when there is enough moisture in them. Lip licking and biting removes the moisture, as does smoking. Your lips may crack on top of darkening. 
Alcohol plays a part in darkening your lips. The acidic substances in it discolor them and cause dark spots. Of course, dehydration worsens them. 
Like most women, you probably apply exciting lip colors to give your lips allure. The harsh chemicals in inferior lip products may leave dark tones on them. They may also introduce metals and other toxic substances. If you do not remove them before you go to bed, they may stay. 
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 If you do not drink or wear makeup, you may have a skin condition that darkens your lips. Sun exposure may bring on conditions like melasma or lentigo. Melasma refers to dark pigments that may affect the mouth area and cause uncomfortable rashes. Brown or dark spots characterize lentigo. You may find them on the lips and other parts of the body. If you experience these symptoms, do pay your doctor a visit. 
10 Home Remedies For Dark Lips
You do not need expensive beauty treatments to lighten those dark tones. These home remedies for dark lips work just as well. The time they take to work varies according to your skin type, so use them as long as you need to get desired results.
1. Lemon
 This citrus fruit is a must-use remedy tor various illnesses, including dark lips. Lemon is high in Vitamin C, which eliminates free radicals in the body and lightens skin. The citric acid purges the dead skin cells and dark pigments from them.
Apply lemon juice on your lips for about a month. If you dislike the sour taste, rub some sugar on them!
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 2. Honey
 This sweet substance has antioxidant properties that control various illnesses. With its high Vitamin C content, it eliminates hyperpigmentation and lightens lips. You can rub honey on your lips and leave it on overnight. Alternatively, mix a teaspoon each of honey and yogurt. Apply the concoction on for half an hour. Your lips will become pink if you do this daily.
3. Sugar
 Sugar is a potent skin exfoliant that removes dead skin cells quickly. It moistens the skin on your lips and gets rid of the dark spots on them. It nourishes all types of skin, including that which is acne prone. 
You can make a sugar scrub out of granulated sugar and essential oils. Mix a cup of sugar, a third of a cup of olive oil and about ten drops of an essential oil that you use. Apply this concoction to your lips. You can store the rest of the scrub in a glass jar. 
home remedies for dark lips (2)4. Rose
 Women have used rose petals in baths since the beginning of time, and they have good reason to. Rose petals have cooling, nourishing properties. They are full of Vitamin C, pectin, and essential acids, all of which lighten lips and give you a healthy appearance.
Combine a drop of water, boiled with rose petals, and few drops of honey. Apply this mixture regularly. An alternative mix is some rose petal paste and another teaspoon of butter, cream or honey. Leave either of these mixtures on for 15 minutes. You will soon have pink lips. 
5. Olive Oil
 You may think of olive oil for pizza, but it has other uses. Olive oil, being highly absorbent, will penetrate the thick skin cells on your lips. It will moisturize and soften them, give them a rosy, plump appearance.  You may apply it directly on your skin, or add one and a half teaspoons of sugar to it before you do. Your lips will regain their natural color in a month or two. 
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 6. Beetroot
 It may seem ironic to use beetroot to lighten lips since beetroot juice can leave ugly stains on your shirt. However, this vegetable has bleaching properties that purge dark pigments. It also protects them from the sun’s harsh rays. Apply beetroot juice to your lips before you sleep. The mauve color of the juice will turn your lips rosy.
Alternatively, mix equal amounts of carrot and beetroot juice. Massage the mixture onto your lips and leave it on for ten minutes. Your lips will become pink in one or two weeks. 
7. Pomegranate
 This juicy fruit, high in antioxidants, nourishes the skin. It prevents damage to the lips due to free radicals. Besides reducing inflammation, the essential fatty acids in it keep your lips plump and shiny. It also moisturizes and softens them. Combine pomegranate seeds and milk cream to form a paste. Otherwise, mix pomegranate, beetroot and carrot juice. Applying either of these balms will help curb the discoloration. 
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 8. Berries
 Berries are an old beauty treatment. They have Anthocyanin, the pigment that gives them their lovely, radiant color. Besides doing the same for your lips, it also minimizes free radical damage. The essential fatty acids in them reduce inflammation. 
Mix raspberry juice and aloe vera gel to make a lip scrub. You may also make one with strawberries and petroleum jelly. Either of these balms will give your lips a rosy pink color. 
9. Cucumber
 One of the home remedies for dark lips is cucumber, the bleaching properties in cucumber not only lighten your skin but also make your lips rosy. Simply rub cucumber juice on your lips daily to give them a lovely pink color.
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 10. Almond Oil
 Almond is a natural exfoliant which gets rid of the dark spots and dead skin cells on your lips. It also keeps them moisturized. Mix it with honey and use it daily to give your lips a luscious redness. 
The Bottom Line
Dark spots can be a thing of the past. With these home remedies for dark lips, you do not have to be afraid to smile. I Love My Shape glad to have brought them to you.

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