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10 Safe Exercises for Heart Patients

[ILoveMyShape] Cardiovascular disease puts tremendous strain on the body. People who have it try to avoid exercise because they fear heart arrest. However, heart disease has links with obesity issues; patients with it are the very ones who need to work out. If you have a heart condition, you will want to know how to workout safely. The good news is that there are many safe exercises for heart patients, You can workout without triggering heart palpitations. ILoveMyShape will show you how. 
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 Causes Of Heart Failure
Heart disease can be frightening because it has many causes. There are many heart conditions, and each has a different trigger. Exercise makes it easy to recover from them. 
Rheumatic heart disease begins with rheumatic fever and is a common childhood disease. In some cases, it may affect the heart,  injuring its valves and damaging the heart muscle. The valve does not open and close properly. Hypertensive Heart Disease is another condition that affects the heart. High blood pressure, or hypertension, stresses the heart and damages it. 
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is a common cardiovascular condition. CHD occurs when coronary arteries narrow, reducing blood supply to the heart.  Alternatively, the membrane of the heart muscle may become inflamed, causing Inflammatory Heart Disease. The narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain may also damage the heart, causing Cardiovascular Disease.
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 Why Heart Patients Must Exercise
Having heart disease does not mean that you have to sit on your hands doing nothing. As a matter of fact, working out more than 150 minutes a week will ease your recovery and boost your heart health. Research shows that a moderate level of exercise strengthens your heart muscles. It widens your capillaries and allows them to deliver more oxygen.
Moderate exercise lowers your risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). It decreases triglycerides or unhealthy fats in the blood. Working out raises HDL (good cholesterol) and lowers LDL (bad cholesterol). Being on the move helps your body to manage its insulin levels, which reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. If you work out and go on a low-calorie diet as well, your risk of obesity decreases. Further, it can help lower blood pressure. 
 10 Safe Exercises For Heart Patients
You may be surprised at the number of exercises heart patients can do, and none of them is dangerous. Doing any of them can put you on the fast track to good health. ILoveMyShape brings you ten safe exercises for heart patients
1. Aerobic Exercise
 Aerobic exercise may seem too strenuous for someone with a cardiovascular disease, but it will do your heart justice. Experts at the American Heart Association recommend at least half an hour of vigorous aerobic exercise a week. It decreases stress on the cardiovascular system so that it can ferry oxygen more efficiently. It also strengthens the heart muscle and allows a faster workout recovery. Also, it improves your resting heart rate and decreases your risk of heart failure. According to Deb Simpson, clinical coordinator of the Nebraska Medical Center, it improves the heart and lung fitness of patients.
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2. Stair Climbing

  The next time you want to get to your apartment, take the stairs instead of the lift. You need to achieve between 50 to 85% of your heart rate for exercise to be beneficial. Stair climbing can help you hit this target, and it is a way to exercise without having to spend time at the gym. To tell your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220. You have almost hit the target if you can exercise while talking to someone.

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  3. Walking

 If running or high impact exercises are not for you, do brisk walks. The beauty of walking is that you can work it into a busy schedule. Walk to work or the grocery store, instead of taking the bus. Enjoy cost-friendly walks with your dogs. According to studies by Harvard University, walking decreases the incidence of cardiovascular trauma by 31%.  A test on Harvard graduates showed that simple strolls led to a 22% reduction in death. Tests on male health professionals showed that iIt lowered the risk of CHD by 18%.
4. Cycling
 Cycling is a great workout for the heart because it pumps the leg muscles. It suits all levels of fitness and us cost-effective. You can also adjust your energy output to your comfort level. An energetic exercise, cycling strengthens your heart muscle and widens the blood capillaries in the brain. Regular sessions on a stationary cycle or bicycle will decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and keep you in tip-top shape. 
5. Swimming 
 The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that swimming is the third most popular activity in the United States. Two and a half hours of Swimming a week will give you the same benefits as aerobics. Swimming makes your heart muscle more resilient and decreases your risk of heart failure. Like cycling, it widens the capillaries in the brain and prevents cardiovascular disease.  Water exercises ease pressure on your bones, which can benefit you if you have heart conditions or obesity. 
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6. Elliptical Machines
These machines imitate brisk walking and a run on one is a perfect aerobic workout.  Like other aerobic exercises, they decrease your risk of cardiovascular trauma and improve your heart rate when you are at rest. Apart from benefiting your upper and lower body muscles, they toughen your heart muscle as well. 
7. Dance
Dance is a fun, social activity that has tremendous benefits for heart health. This aerobic exercise stretches brain capillaries and creates room for oxygen to flow.  Besides being a calorie burner, it raises HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein). 
8. Tai Chi
 Among the exercises for heart patients is Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial arts form, is an aerobic exercise that improves heart health. The slow, rhythmic movements improve the circulatory system, easing the transfer of oxygen and strengthening your heart muscle.  
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9. Wii Fit
 Working out does not have to be a chore, and Wii Fit supports this notion. Play tennis or do aerobics with your Wii machine. Researchers at the American College of Sports Medicine found that it helps the heart like aerobics does. Like aerobics, it increases a person’s  heart rate. 
10. Water Aerobics
If perspiring does not appeal to you, why not do aerobics sessions in the water? Water aerobics creates room in your capillaries for oxygen to flow. That aside, it gives your heart muscle more strength. 
Exercise Tips For Heart Patients
 Before you start any exercise routine, take note of a few tips. While working out improves heart health, doing too much exercise too soon can put too much strain on your heart muscle. Heart patients should take some precautions before they exercise.
Remember to pace yourself and give your body time to rest between workouts. Doing them too quickly can put too much stress on the heart. Note that you should not exercise in extreme temperatures, as they will make you exhausted quickly. Remember to drink lots of water. Further, do not shower in water that is too hot or cold, as it will push your heart beyond its limits. Use a water heater to regulate water temperature.  Do not exercise in hilly areas, as climbing uphill may put too much pressure on your heart muscles. 
The Bottom Line
 Vigorous exercises help your heart if you do them at the right pace and take note of a few pointers. Do specific exercises that are beneficial for cardiovascular health. ILoveMyShape is glad to have brought safe exercises for heart patients  to you.

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