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13 Health Tips For Losing Belly Fat Fast

[Ilovemyshape.com] Although belly fat is usually known to tamper with our outfit, there is something even more serious about it. Whenever white fat – also known as visceral fat- increases in your abdomen increases, it produces inflammatory substances like cytokines and then the stress hormone – cortisol. This affects insulin production within your body setting you up for a serious health condition worse than just being overweight. In fact, you actually run the risk of getting a heart disease or type 2 diabetes. Have you considered losing belly fat? Try these expert tips from Ilovemyshape.com to get rid of that pesky pooch in front of you.

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Losing Belly Fat Fast By Changing Your Living Habits

1. Drink A Lot Of Water

Chugging on water may be the last thing you would want to do when you are feeling puffy. However, according to experts, regulating the rate of your body’s metabolism -and then the mechanism which burns fat within your body – is essential. Drink about 8 glasses of water every day to enable your body run efficiently. This will also make your healthy eating efforts and workouts much more effective. Again, the more you drink water, the more you’ll flush out your system, as a result you end up actually de-bloating.

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2. Eat Every Three Hours 

You may think that you can trim your middle and save calories by skipping lunch. As a matter of fact, you’re rather doing the opposite. Your body is sent into starvation when you spend long hours without food. This means that the body will start to store everything you have eaten already as fat as your body doesn’t know when you are going to eat again. And those saved chubs first accumulate in your midsection. According to experts, when you have a snack or small meal every three hours, your body will be fuelled all day. Your body is put in a catabolic state when you do not eat for long periods. This consequently breaks down the muscle tissue for energy and consequently conserves fat.

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3. Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is full of zinc. According to experts, dark chocolate is good for the belly. Zinc brings up the circulating leptin of the body. This is a hormone which regulates your fat storage, energy expenditures, and appetite – consequently helping to chip that pooch away. However, you will need to eat them in moderation and also opt for the ones which are low in sugar.

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4. Drink Moderately

Alcohol is normally digested as sugar by your body. And since sugar eventually converts to fat within your body, when you start drinking excessively, you may end up accumulating mass in your midsection. It’s okay for you to hit up the happy hour – however – you should try and drink in moderation.

5. Destress Yourself & Chill Out

Stress is one of the top offenders that cause the belly to build fat. The human body automatically begins to produce the stress hormone called cortisol when it senses that you are overwhelmed. The cortisol then combines with other chemicals within your body and stimulate extra fat-storage in your belly. Whenever you are feeling stressed up, just close your eyes for about 5 minutes taking in long deep breaths. This will relax your body and also calm down those hormones – hence killing belly fat. Also try to engage in other physical activities that will distress you.

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6. Eat More Greens

vegetables like kale, broccoli and lettuce are not only free of calories but also, they’re super-filling and are full of vitamins. Taking these as a snack or eating them at lunch will prevent you from eating anything which induces belly fat.

7. Don’t Starve Yourself

Whenever we eat, the body normally, absorbs at least 80% of the food nutrients. however, when we deprived our body of nourishment, the body extracts nutrients from any food that is consumed, the body will continue to store food as fat even when you start to eat normally once again.

8. Don’t Be A Couch Potato

Cut down on the number of hours you spend watching TV. Even when there’s an episode you have never seen, it’s better to use that time to go outdoors or the gym.

9. Exercise While Standing

Make sure that you stand whenever you are exercising, instead of sitting and exercising. When you stand exercising, you will be able to burn 30% more calories and consequently burn belly fat.

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10. Check Your Mood

Sometimes depression, loneliness and anxiety may actually be the cause of your desire to snack. Emotional eating – that is eating when you are down – is a bad eating habit that you must avoid when considering losing belly fat.

11. Embrace Yard Work

Try as much as possible to engage yourself in physical activities around your house such as mowing the lawn or even the ones that you try to avoid. Doing this will help to condition your body and burn fat.

12. Join A League

You will be able to schedule exercises automatically into your week when you enrol in a sports club like soccer, softball, gym club etc. This is because it creates a kind of peer pressure that ensures that you go and participate in sporting activities every time. This will help in losing belly fat.

13. Get A Good Sleep

One of the ways to also burn belly fat is to have a good sleep. The quality of your sleep is as important as the number of hours you spend sleeping.

Leptin is the hormone that is produced by the fat cells in your body at a particular stage in your sleep. This aid the body to monitor the amount of fat stored in the body. When you are not able to sleep properly, you end up disturbing the leptin produced in the body which then prevents your body from keeping track of the energy or fat reserves.  Instead of burning calories, you therefore end up storing calories. Getting a good sleep this really helps in losing belly fat. You can read more on how to get a good sleep here.

We hope you enjoyed these tips from Ilovemyshape.com. Do you have any ideas on losing belly fat? Our readers would be more than happy to know.

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