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4 Reasons Of Why You Should Walk Instead Of Running

[Ilovemyshape.com] They say that losing weight is the most difficult task in the world. Well, whether it is the most difficult or not, we will let the god decide. For all we know, it is absolutely not impossible. What’s fun if it is not challenging, right? Many people accept this challenge happily or maybe not. There are various ways to do it. The majority of the people think that running is a better way of losing weight effectively. Morning run, evening run, and what not. But, is it really that effective to our body? Have you ever given a thought to the possibility of being better options running to lose weight than? If yes then you are at the right place to find out. Some of you may have the question of why you should walk instead if running.

Now, you may have heard that running is the best way to burn the calories. As our ultimate goal is to burn the excess calories which are accumulated in our body as fats, you may think that running would be effective. In this case, you can’t neglect the effects of walking. As running is beneficial to our health, it can be dangerous, too. In this article, I am going to clear your confusion of why you should walk instead of running. Most of the times, people neglect the health benefits of walking. Running is their priority and they end up having injuries. Therefore, you must understand the pros as well as cons of both, running and walking. Go through the following reasons of why you should walk instead of running.

Why You Should Walk Instead Of Running For Weight Loss

Yes, running will get you to your ultimate goal in lesser time. But as they say, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Following are the reasons of why you should walk instead of running.

why you should walk instead of running

Increased Risks Of Injuries

Injuries can be seen very often in the case of running. When you run like a dog is chasing you for your bone, you will end up in bed for at least two days. Many times, people get flown by over enthusiasm and finish 10 laps of running where 5 laps are enough. This increases the danger of knee injury, back pain, hamstring strains and cramps. Once occurred, it won’t go easily. You will be complaining about it for at least a week. Also, there is one more injury very commonly seen in dancers and runners known as runner’s injury. In this, you hurt your fibula and you can’t walk properly. When all this is going on, why to rake risk when walking can be so much easier? Put on a heavy vest and walk. This will definitely help you without hurting your body.

symptoms of gout (1)

Cardiovascular Problems

It is nothing but the health issues related to the heart. It is often said that running results in the erosion of your heart. It will weaken your heart and lead to the decreased cardiovascular performance. Walking won’t lead to such problems. Therefore, it is one the important reasons of why you should walk instead of running.

Increased Cortisol

Cortisol levels in our body determines the insulin sensitivity of the body. When we talk about fat and weight loss, insulin ultimately comes on the picture. Low levels of cortisol in our body increase the insulin sensitivity. This enables the excess burning of the calories. You will eventually end up with reduced weight. Now, the biggest problem associated with running is that it increases the cortisol levels. This is not good if you want to lose the weight. On the other hand, walking helps to decrease the cortisol level. And thus, we lose weight effectively. This is another reason of why you should walk instead of running.


Tiredness is another issue associated with the running. As I have mentioned earlier, over enthusiasm or over excitement will lead you to bed. Meaning, running burns more calories but at the same time, you lot of energy is consumed. You will feel drained down. This condition will lead to the increased cravings and you will end up eating a lot. After a long walk, you may feel tired but you obviously won’t feel drained down. This tells why you should walk instead of running.

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The Bottom Line

At the end, we can conclude that running will help you to achieve weight loss but don’t forget the cons. Never do more than what your body demands. Overexercising can be injurious to your health. When you have a safer option like walking for weight loss, go with it. Running is not everyone’s thing. So, go for morning walks and enjoy your weight loss. I hope this article on why you should walk instead of running given on ilovemyshape.com was useful for you. For more such health tips, go to the following section.

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