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5 Celebrity-Inspired Outfits To Elevate Your Office Look

[] It is obvious that famous people invest much of their time (and money, of course) caring about their image, and such kind of investment does not waste. What they wear on street, at the airport or even on red carpet can inspire us to a new idea of styling for ourselves. Here,  5 celebrity-inspired outfits to elevate your office look, check out if you are still not sure about what to wear to work.

1. Monday: Floral Wrap Dress & Cardigan Like Reese Witherspoon

Celebrity-Inspired Outfits like Reese Witherspoon

cardigan and dress

cardigan and dress (see more at crop top)

2. Tuesday: Cropped Black Pants & Printed Blouse Like Director Sofia Coppola

Celebrity-Inspired Outfits like Director Sofia Coppola

Printed Blouse and Cropped Black Pants

Printed Blouse and Cropped Black Pants (See more at Alexander McQueen)

3. Wednesday: Striped Shealth & Kitten Heels Like Lupita Nyong’o.

Celebrity-Inspired Outfits like Lupita Nyong’o

Striped Shealth and Kitten Heels

Striped Shealth and Kitten Heels (See more at kohl shoes)

4. Thursday: Solid Shift & Navy Blazer Like Kate Middleton

Celebrity-Inspired Outfits like Kate Middleton

Solid Shift and Navy Blazer

Solid Shift and Navy Blazer (See more at chiffon dresses)

5. Friday: Crisp White Separates & Matching Loafers Like Kristen Stewart

Celebrity-Inspired Outfits like Kate Middleton

White Separates ad Loafers


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