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7 Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy To Look Out For

[Ilovemyshape.com] Some women observe changes in their mood, the level of energy, and breasts when pregnant. Others may also experience a change in their sense of smell, fainting, or visiting the bathroom often. Your hormones begin to change once you get pregnant resulting in these physical changes that you start to experience. These early signs of pregnancy from will help you to know when you are pregnant even before you take the pregnancy test.

Experiencing Any Of These Early Signs Of Pregnancy?

1. Fatigue
When it comes to early signs of pregnancy, fatigue is one of them. Even if you are not able to sleep often, all of a sudden you notice that you start to snooze often during the first 3 months. At this point, you feel completely exhausted due to the extra progesterone in your body. In the second trimester, you can expect a boost in your energy, however, the exhaustion comes back after a while. The best thing to do at this point is to sleep as often as you can. You should also sleep early so you get more and enough sleep.

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2. Mood Swings

Mood swing is also one of the early signs of pregnancy. During your monthly cycle, the changes in your hormones can make you emotional. And once getting pregnant, the idea of becoming a parent may stress you out. Even when you see the pregnancy test is positive and you have the baby’s life planned together with your partner, there can still be feelings of fear sometimes. Hunger and fatigue can also worsen the mood swings so you should try as much as possible to eat small snacks during the day and find enough time to rest. After 14-16 weeks of being pregnant, you will begin to feel much better. See your midwife immediately when you don’t feel better after the 14-16 week period of being pregnant. Your doctor or midwife may be able to either support you and recommend someone for you during and after your pregnancy. Again, you should try and eat smaller amounts of meals during the day when the glucose level of your blood gets low.

3. Peeing Often
Peeing often is also one of the early signs of pregnancy is peeing or using the bathroom often. During pregnancy, your kidneys need to process more urine. This puts an extra pressure on your bladder, which will make you feel the urge to use the bathroom often. Some women may even start to think that they have a bladder infection when they do not know yet that they are actually pregnant. It may be annoying sometimes having to get up several times in the middle of the night just to pee. However, this shouldn’t make you reduce your intake of water. At this stage, you need to keep enough water in your body by drinking more water and extra fluids.

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4. Nausea & Vomiting
Although nausea and vomiting normally don’t show up until about 7 to 9 weeks of pregnancy, small, frequent, foods which are rich in protein can help to manage your uneasy stomach. You can also achieve this by drinking a lot of water or staying hydrated. You may want to add slices of strawberry or cucumber to your water before drinking. This is to help give the water some flavour and to help it go down easily. Other good options are ginger tea, diluted fruit juice, or a basic pregnancy tea. You can also prevent nausea with mint tea although this can worsen heartburn (which is also another early sign of pregnancy).
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You can eat some nuts or small piece of cheese, or some snack before going to bed. This is to help stabilize your blood sugar level during the night so that you don’t awaken feeling sick.

Although some people experience nausea up to about 16 weeks, generally after 12 weeks nausea may disappear. In other cases of exception, nausea doesn’t go away at all. Make sure that you see a midwife or a doctor when you notice that you are losing so much weight or when the vomiting has become too much. Your doctor may prescribe medications that can help ease the severe morning sickness

5. Tender Breasts
Tender and achy breasts are some of the early signs of pregnancy. Some women may feel heavy and fuller. They may even see the nipple area becoming darker and larger.

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6. Feeling Light-Headed
One of the early signs of pregnancy is feeling light-headed. Some women even experience faint spells. This may be the cause of low blood pressure or hormone changes. In order to have a better idea of what’s actually happening to your body during pregnancy, you will need to see your midwife as soon as you experience these things.

7. Disgusted With Specific Foods
Another early sign of pregnancy is not being able to stand the smell and taste of certain foods. Even the ones that you used to like. Some women experience a heightened sense of smell. This makes certain scents absolutely sickening to them. Some women experience a funny taste in their mouth when they are pregnant. At this stage, the baby is so good at extracting nutrients from you at so don’t worry about the food even if they make you feel like vomiting. Continue to eat the right kind of foods.

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Also, make sure that you drink more water. You will be able to get through this face just fine so far as you prevent yourself from being dehydrated. After your second trimester, you should be able to lose the disgust taste and smell.

With the consent of your doctor, you can also try and take pregnancy vitamins to ensure that you get folic acid and the appropriate nutrients you need to prevent birth defects.

These are some early signs of pregnancy from I Love My Shape. Do you know of any that were not discussed here in this article? Feel free to share with us.

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