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7 Exercises For Thighs To Get Sexy Toned Legs

 [Ilovemyshape.com] A sexy, toned , long thigh is not only strong and attractive but also a healthy thigh. In this article, I Love My Shape would like to demonstrate some of the best exercises for the thighs. With these, you will not just be targeting the outer and inner thighs but also the parts of the thighs you really want work on. These workouts will help to strengthen your thighs within minutes. Moreover, you will be preparing yourself to show off your sexy toned, lean, long legs all through the summer whether you are in shorts, skirt or bikini.

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7 Best Exercises For The Thighs To Get Sexy Legs

1. Squat With Ball

One of the best exercises for the thighs is squatting with a ball. You can’t have any better exercise than the squat when trying to get thinner thighs. Do this by standing with your feet apart (at least the width of your shoulders). Now bend your knees and then go about 5-10 inches downwards. All this while, try to keep your hips square and your shoulders at the same level. Stand back up after holding this position for about 3 seconds. After the first one, relax for about 30 seconds and do another set. You can begin with 5 reps and increase it up to 12.

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2. Pick-Up Squat

This great front thigh stretch requires that you keep your chest, straight all throughout the exercise and also take it easy on your lower back. Do this by standing with your feet apart (at least the width of your shoulder). Hold a 5 or 8-pound dumbbell in both hands by your sides. Now bend your knees to 90 degrees as you place the dumbbells down (outside your feet). Still keeping your chest lifted, pick up the weights at your feet and stand back up, squatting down again immediately. Continue to lower the dumbbells and picking them up for about a minute.

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3. Toe Squat With Overhead Reach

This workout is much like the Utkatasan pose in Yoga. Press your knees firmly together – imagining you are holding between your feet something which is of great value to you. Now, lower your body to a chair pose – your hips to a half squat, your ankles, and inner knees touching, abs engaged and dumbbell over your head. Now stand up on the balls of your feet, controlling your lower legs as you lift your butt, about 4 inches upwards. Now go up and down for about 8 to 12 times, making sure that you keep steady throughout.

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4. Plyometric Squat

You are going to love these moves as they instantly make you feel strong. Begin by standing with your feet apart (shoulder width from each other). Now bend your knees to 90 degrees while squatting. With all the strength in your butt and legs, keep jumping up and landing back on the ground in the squat position. Keep in mind to land gently with your knees bent, and your weight back over your heels. Do 3 sets of 8 reps.

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5. The Single-Leg Circle

The Single-Leg Circle is another one of the best exercises for the thighs.  You can do the Single-Leg Circle by first lying on your back on a mat – keeping your arms by your sides and facing down your palms.As if you are trying to reach out with your toes in the direction of the ceiling, slightly turn your legs outward. Take a deep breath, and use your left leg to trace a circle on the ceiling in the clockwise direction. Make sure that your hips are kept stiff while you are doing this. Your right leg must not be lifted off the floor. The circles must be traced 5 times. Do this once again, but this time in the anti-clockwise direction. Now switch to your right leg and repeat the process 5 times.

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6. Outer, Inner Thigh Kick & Stretch

You can add this workout to your plan a few times a week. Stand upright and hold the back of your chair. Pressing your shoulder blades down and backwards, stand on the balls of your left foot and lift your right leg. Now, bring your right leg across your body whiles your abs are pulled in. Make sure your right leg is kept in front of your left leg. Keep your toes turned out and flexed and then swing it back out to the right. As you swing through your left glutes, gather momentum and swing through your legs. Repeat this ten times, make sure that both hips are facing forward. Now, stand on your right leg and do this for another 10, also make sure that your hips are facing forward. Use momentum, flex your foot and swing through your right glutes with your left leg. Take a break and do another set.

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Image: Fitness Magazine

7. Lunges With Dumbbells

This three-part move will not only make the muscles of your thigh blaze but also, give you a great stretch down your kneecaps and down through your shins. Do this move by standing with your feet apart (this time the width of your hips). Now with your left leg, lunge forward and straighten your leg. Your right knee should come to about 1 inch above the ground when you lunge forward. Make sure that your right knee does not touch the floor. Distributing your weight evenly between your legs, keep your torso perpendicular to the floor. Now keep your front knee aligned with your front ankle and keep the weight on your heels rather than on your toes. Continue to lunge forward for about 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.

The second phase of this move requires holding two dumbbells at the height of your shoulder – make sure that your palms are front – faced. Now with your left leg, lunge forward. Bring your feet back together and lunge forward with your right leg as well. Continue to lunge switching between your legs for about 60 seconds.

In the final stage of this workout, do a biceps curl. Push through the heel of the foot, which is forward whiles you raise your back knee in front of you to the level of your hip. Now step back into a lunge after doing a biceps curl and switch to the other leg for another 30 seconds.

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Add a biceps curl in the final stage of this move: After every forward lunge, push through the heel of your forward foot while you lift up to your hip level your back knee which is in front of you. Do a biceps curl, then step back into a lunge. Repeat the lunge, plus curls, on one leg for 30 seconds, and then switch legs for another 30 seconds.

Any idea on some of the best exercises for the thighs? Feel free to share your view and success stories with our readers. Remember also to follow Ilovemyshape.com for more weight loss tips.

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