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8 Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Hard To Resist

Massacre…!!! Yeah you heard right. In fact, just stand on a hill top, a podium, a relaxing couch in your lounge or your kitchen counter and roar out loud the ultimate glory statements and march … “Seasonal fruits here I come”. Yes, yes, yes! The mean way… as my ravishing fruit smoothie recipes are going to be the battlefield. A nutritional war, not witnessed before, which might be having win-win situation for yourself and perhaps for fruits also (after all they are meant to be …massacred)

Smoothies no doubt are the best thing which happen on this planet earth ….. After of course the invention of blenders in early 20th century (Around 1930 thanks to Steve Poplawski’s for that). Well, you can also credit Steve Kuhnau Smoothie King in 1970s’ for all sort of varieties and experimentations done on fruit smoothie recipes with fruits, fruit juices, yogurt and milk. As it’s not a history lesson, so I will just cut this out and move on and share some of my favourite fruit smoothie recipes at Recipebanks so that you can also …. Join the massacre and roar, “let the battle begin”.

8 Standout Fruit Smoothie Recipes 

1. Berriastic Devine Smoothie
The best combo for fruit smoothie recipes, of course, is of berries. These berries have the richest nutritional value and have phytochemicals which prevent as well as reverse many age effects, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many more. Take Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or raspberries and combine with sugar, yogurt and milk to have the perfect freshen up formula. For this smoothie ideally combine strawberries, raspberries and blackberries in equal quantities. Mix with milk and sugar as per taste and enough to cover the sourness and blend them up. The berriastic blast is ready.

fruit smoothie recipes 01 (1)

Image: damndelicious.com

2. Mango-Peach Smoothie
One of the most refreshing delight you can have after a warm sunny day indeed. The sweetness of mango and the sweet-tangy peach touch to it enhances the overall flavour. The creamy texture feels so light that it instantly energize and release the fatigue. Just take equal amounts of peach and mango and blend with equal amount of yogurt along with sugar to have this perfect and yummy smoothie.

fruit smoothie recipes 01 (2)

Image: mybigblogger.com

3. Avocado smoothie
My perfect day starter! As morning time routine no doubt the benefits of avocado like healthy fats for strong body and hair and plus lower cancer risks top the health priority list. Other than this, avocados can be mixed and alternated with different fruits as per the choices available. This easiness makes them my top rated fruit smoothie recipes. The creaminess and buttery touch of avocado in any combination can make smoothie extra refreshing and filling. But worry not, as this richness of flavour and texture will not make it heavy in any case instead… it makes them light to drink. My favourite combination is with strawberries, almond milk and sugar blended together to make this appetizing delight.

fruit smoothie recipes 01 (1)

Image: personaltrainer.ebhasin.com

4. Green Tea Infused Banana-Blueberries Soymilk Smoothie
The antioxidant addition of green tea makes this recipe extra nutritional and healthy. Not only this, the numerous other benefits like lower cancer risk, fat loss and healthy brain and body function make this addition worth experimenting. Just make regular green tea but with very small amount of water (2-3 Tbsp.) and add honey to sweeten. Now blend together banana, blue berries and soy milk till smooth. Add the green tea and blend more till the smooth texture to enjoy. 

fruit smoothie recipes 01 (3)

Image: kitchentreaty.com

5. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
The best boot up for a day or mid-day energizer can be this smoothie with loads of potassium, calcium and protein. It also gives that extra notch of velvety feel. Blend banana with vanilla yogurt and almond milk to make creamy mixture .Add honey or sugar as per taste. Finally, add the secret ingredient, the peanut butter. Add about 1 Tbsp. and mix to have this super power pack ready.
fruit smoothie recipes 8Image:tessadomesticdiva.com

6. Mango Smoothie
The smell of fresh ripe yellow mangoes… sweet and fruity! It just explodes the most refreshing feeling. No doubt these high in beta-carotene fruit makes the best fruit smoothie recipes of all times. Mix mangoes with equal amount of yogurt and milk and blend with honey (or sugar) to have this lavishing filler glass. A complete breakfast element or relaxer after fatigued day. There can be variations like substituting plain yogurt with vanilla yogurt or adding orange juice to highlight the flavours.

fruit smoothie recipes 01 (4)

Image: damndelicious.net

7. Ginger Zing Smoothie
Ginger gives that extra pungent flavour and an aromatic smell. Also, the health benefits like relieving digestive track problems, nausea, motion sickness, alleviation of pain or loss of appetite makes this addition best when feeling that low. The simple recipe follows mixing banana, vanilla yogurt honey and ginger. But you can try different variations like instead of banana add strawberries and banana yogurt. Or add pineapple and pineapple juice or pineapple and orange juice. The mango strawberries mix is also great.

fruit smoothie recipes 01 (5)

Image: foodiejunky.com

8. Pomegranate Delight
My ultimate favourite is to blend some mangoes, peaches and strawberries in Pomegranate juice. It will need a lot of honey adjustments or sugar if you like. You can also add little orange juice to give it extra lush and zesty taste. This smoothie is scrumptious. Believe me. Or just give it a try to believe.

fruit smoothie recipes 7

Image: kitchentreaty.com

Smoothies just have the right mix of flavour and nutritional values. A glass of it makes you energized and at the same time feel great to taste. The richness of fruits, the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre packaged along with the smoothness and creaminess of milk or yogurt tastes heavens. Add ice to it (if needed) and that is the best combo. So blend some fruits, load some ice and relax with I Love My Shape marvellous collection of fruit smoothie recipes to join the battlefield.

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