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8 Natural Remedies For Constipation

[] Although people may not have any issues talking about their sore throat with colleagues, they normally find it a little embarrassing to announce that they have not pooped in days. In our everyday lives, one of the things we try to avoid in conversations is constipation problems. However, constipation isn’t really embarrassing as we may think. It can be very devastating. If you have experienced it before (like everyone of us), then you definitely know that it’s not something to joke with. Before you run to get a quick-fix laxative from the drugstore which may often even aggravate your problem, I Love My Shape has provided in this article some simple natural remedies for constipation. Try these to relieve your discomfort.

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8 Natural Remedies For Constipation In Adults

1. Freshen Up From The Inside Out

Lemon juice contains citric acid which acts as a stimulant in your digestive tract. It can also help flush out toxins from the undigested food which may accumulate within your colon walls. Adding water to the juice helps get you the required fluids to get everything moving normally again as well as lessen the intensity of the lemon’s flavor. Squeeze into 1 cup warm water the juice of 1 fresh lemon. Sip or drink everything to help cure your constipation.

2. Get Moving

We’re often sitting much more than we’re active. As a matter of fact, our lifestyle these days involves dietary changes that increase constipation. In order for stuff to move through your digestive system, you also need to get moving. Although there isn’t a much scientific reason why lack of exercise can cause undigested material to clog up in your digestive system, we can confidently assume that when you move your body, the smooth muscle in your colon moves as well. After having a big meal, don’t forget to wait for about an hour before you exercise. There are also workouts and specific stretches which can help to move stuff in your digestive system.


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3. Go Natural or Eat More Fibre

As we already know, a natural diet is also a good remedy for preventing and relieving constipation. Generally, eating a healthy diet keeps our bodies and everything in it healthy. Again, our bodies are built to process roughage, fruits, grains and vegetables more than the artificial or refined foods which are not able to pass through our system easily. Natural foods are composed of a high amount of fibre which helps to prevent constipation. As a matter of fact, the fibre in natural food is the material which acts like a sponge and cannot be digested. It swells by drawing water from its environment thereby adding bulk to stool and also softening it for better passage.

Some good foods containing fibre include – whole grain bread, nuts, Beans, Broccoli, Potatoes, Plums, pears, and apples, Berries, Apricots, and Black beans. Some types of fibre such as beans, coffee etc. can result in constipation –  so try to drink a lot of water especially when you take these. At least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day will do.

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4. Establish A Routine

Establishing a schedule, is a great way to prevent and relieve constipation. You can regulate your bowel movement by regulating the times you use the bathroom as well. Set aside 15 minutes about 1-3 times daily. Make sure even if nothing happens, you will take your time to stay relaxed. You, and your body will adjust to it eventually.

5. Baking Soda Does It All

Baking soda is incredibly versatile when it comes to home remedies. In short, it can be used for preparing so many natural remedies and it does its job 95% of the time. It really works well for tummy aches in general and good natural remedy for constipation. This is because it is a bicarbonate, which relieves pain from pressure by causing air to exit your body. It also helps things pass through your gut by re-alkalizing the stomach and neutralizing the acids in it. Mix ¼ cup warm water and a teaspoon baking soda. Mix and drink the whole mixture. This seems to work better when you drink it quickly.

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6. Heed Natures Call

This is to help prevent any uncomfortable bouts of constipation, and it’s quiet straightforward. Whenever you need to use the bathroom, just do it! It’s better to heed your body when it gives you the signal to free your bowel. More water is absorbed when you hold the stool longer. This consequently makes the stool harder. Your body sends the signal for a bowel movement only for a certain period of time. That explains why if you badly have to go, later on, you stop feeling like you have to, after not heeding to the signal to free your bowels. You may not get the heads up to go when you delay the duty and this clogs your system even more.

7. Bacteria Is Necessary

In this modern times, a healthy gut flora is needed for your digestive system to keep working properly, as our stomach is being filled with all kinds of processed foods and sugars daily. Working to keep the good bacteria within our bodies plentiful and strong not only lessen constipation severity but also help prevent it. Filling your gut with good bacteria is also one of the best natural remedies for constipation. One simple way to go about helping your bacteria flourish is to enjoy a cup of probiotics yogurt every day, during breakfast and along the day. You can add the yoghurt to your breakfast, and to snacks during the day. Add to your meals other food stuffs which contain probiotics.

8. Rock The Squat

It may sound a bit awkward, however you can relieve constipation by literally squatting on the toilet to kick start your colon. In fact, squatting is the natural position meant for our bodies to free bowels.

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Do not let constipation impede your daily life. Try these natural remedies for constipation from Fortunately, many of these remedies include diet changes, exercise, and over all lifestyle changes which not only helps to cure constipation but makes you a happy and healthy human being.


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