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10 Anti-Aging Home Remedies That’ll Make A New You

 [] Age and the wrinkles associated with it scare all women. The last thing you want is to wake up to see Crow’s Feet around your eyes. The sagging skin and fine lines around your mouth are not a welcome image either.These signs of aging are frightening and deal a blow to your self-esteem, especially if you develop them prematurely. However, they do not have to trouble you. You can deal with them without enlisting the services of a plastic surgeon. I Love My Shape explains why some women age faster than they should and introduces a few anti-aging home remedies that will make a new you.

Causes Of Premature Aging

New creases develop on your face as you age. Look in the mirror, and you may see some that were not there before. Why do they come about, and more importantly, how do you stop them?

Exposure to the sun is a primary reason for wrinkles. Sunlight, more than age, causes them to appear years before they should. Solar radiation weakens and eventually destroys the elastic fibers of the skin. This phenomenon is known as solar elastosis. Oxidation may hasten the process, leading to thickened, wrinkled skin. 
Smoking is another trigger for Crow’s Feet. Many studies point out that the fine lines around the eyes show a decade earlier on a smoker’s face than they do on a non-smoker’s. Nicotine reduces Vitamin C, crucial for producing collagen, the compound that keeps your skin supple.
Your dietary habits may also hasten the appearance of fine lines. Carbohydrates and simple sugars break down the skin’s connective tissue, while protein keeps it looking fresh. Vegetables contain lycopene, beta-carotene, and lutein, which penetrate the skin and stop oxidation. Obviously, a diet high in protein and vegetables is vital for young-looking skin. 
Further, the genes you inherited from your parents decide how fast you age. If they are full of antioxidant enzymes, they will be able to repair damaged collagen. No one has the same genetic code. If your skin cells are low in antioxidants, take skin supplements. 
Stress is one more cause of premature aging.  It releases cortisol and adrenaline, hormones that suppress connective tissue synthesis. The situation is worse if you have insomnia as sleep is crucial for the renewal of skin cells. Moreover, depression may quicken aging as it shortens the telomeres in cells. These substances are necessary for stopping skin cells from dying too early. 
10 Anti-Aging Home Remedies That Are Better Than Golden Face Mask
The aging process is inevitable, but it is not impossible to slow it down. You can stop oxidation and the breakdown of collagen with a few anti-aging home remedies. Make gentle; healing facial masks out of them. Skindiets explains how they work wonders for your skin.
1. Honey
 Put this sweet substance on your list of skin treatments. It is known to fight age. According to experts, honey is a natural humectant, which means that it moistens the upper layers of skin. Put it all over your face to free it of wrinkles and keep it hydrated. 
2. Egg 
Eggs are a rich source of age-fighting elements like proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc. They also have biotin, which repairs and tightens your skin. It comes as no surprise that many women make them part of their beauty regimen. 
To make an egg mask, put two teaspoons of egg white in a bowl. Add fresh cream, then lemon juice. Apply this on your face and there will be a new you in weeks. 
3. Carrots & Potatoes
Bugs Bunny’s favorite root vegetable has lots of Vitamin A, which increases collagen production. Its counterpart, potato, is well-known for lifting wrinkles. After boiling potatoes and carrots, mash them into a paste. Apply it all over your face and leave it there for a quarter of an hour. Say goodbye to your wrinkles in a matter of days. 
4. Yogurt
Like carrots, yogurt has tons of Vitamin A. Natural yogurt provides zinc, lactic acid, and Vitamin B, all of which combat age. Combine two teaspoons of yogurt with two teaspoons of honey. Add another teaspoon of lemon juice and a little turmeric. Put this mask on, and your skin will glow within days. 
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5. Coconut Milk
 You may have noticed that women who eat a lot of curries tend to look younger. The phenomenon may be due to the high coconut content in them. Besides being rich in antioxidants, coconut milk fights harmful free radicals and has antibacterial agents that protect your skin. It is an effective moisturizer which also restores your skin’s natural glow.  Take a coconut and squeeze the milk out of it. Apply it on your face and wash it off after twenty minutes. It is a quick treatment for wrinkles.
6. Banana
 Bananas are among the anti-aging home remedies that work miracles. You may have seen banana face masks lining shelves in the cosmetics section of your favorite department store. Bananas have a reputation for being able to fight age. They have skin-lifting elements like Vitamins A, B and E. They are also a rich source of potassium, zinc and iron, an essential substance for post-menopausal women. After mashing a small, ripe banana, add a teaspoon of rose water and another teaspoon of honey to it. Apply this mask for twenty minutes to keep your skin looking fresh. 
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 7. Papaya
 Grandma may nag at you to finish your papaya, and she has a good reason to. Apart from being chock-full of anti-oxidants, papaya has Papain, which restores the skin’s dead cells and removes impurities. It makes your skin supple.   Chop a ripe papaya and add it to warm water. Mash it until it forms a paste, then leave it on your face for ten minutes. You will see a new you in the mirror if you do this regularly.
8. Nuts
Nuts have Omega acids that are good for you, and your skin. Almonds, in particular, have restorative properties like Vitamin E. Apart from being able to cure Psoriasis and Eczema, they can lift your wrinkles. Make a mask by grinding a few almonds and mixing them with milk.  Put it on your skin for about 20 minutes. You will soon notice a difference in the way you look. 
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9. Berries
These fruits contain flavonoids, vitamins, probiotics, polyphenols and antioxidants. These free-radical fighters regenerate cells and lift your skin within weeks. Apply crushed berries on age spots and wrinkles to make them vanish. 
10. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are stars in the world of skin care. They contain lycopene, which helps your skin stay free of wrinkles. This antioxidant reverses the damage free radicals do to it. They also contain Vitamins A, C, B, and E, which increase collagen supply. The healthy fat in them restores your skin’s connective tissue. Mash tomatoes into a paste and apply it on your Crow’s Feet. The fine lines will soon be no more. 
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The Bottom Line
You do not need to fret over a few wrinkles because nature will help you remove them. Make a new you with these anti-aging home remedies. I Love My Shape is delighted to have brought them to you. 
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