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Arm Exercises For Women: 5 Super Ways To Tone Your Arm Muscles

[Ilovemyshape.com] Women are not only seen in each and every field but also seen to have overtaken males. Sports, education, politics, you just name it. So, when all of this is going on, why to stay behind in fitness? Nowadays, not only guys but also girls get crazy to build up some muscles and tone them. However, there might be differences in their training sessions. There are some arm exercises for women which will tone their arms in few months. I am going to take you through these arm exercises for women in this article. So, if you are a woman who wants to build up your arm muscles, search no more.

In this article, I will guide you through the ways of doing each and every exercise mentioned. You will also be given the benefits of doing the respective exercise. If you are a beginner and haven’t been to the gym before, don’t worry. These steps are easy to understand and you can do them at home, given you have the required weights. Performing these arm exercises for women regularly will leave you with muscular and toned arms.

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5 Arm Exercises For Women For Toned And Muscular Arms

Before doing any of the following exercises, make sure that your stomach is not empty. Eat light food before working out. These arm exercises for women will need some weights. So, check whether you have these weights or not. If you don’t, arrange them from somewhere or simply buy them. You can get those online as well. Carefully go through the steps and try out the exercises.

Dumbbells For Biceps

Lifting dumbbells will help you to burn the fats stored in your arm muscles. Regular exercise will lead you toned muscles with cuts.


Image: www.efitness-tips.com


  • Start with five to ten pounds dumbbells which is two to five kilograms.
  • Stand straight and hold one dumbbell in each hand.
  • Keep your elbow in contact with your body
  • Now, raise the dumbbell slowly upwards without losing the contact between the elbows and the body.
  • Repeat it 8 – 15 times for two sets.

Side Raise

This is one of the very important arm exercises for women which is used for shoulders. By raising your dumbbells side-wise, you can burn out the fats and carbs stored in your shoulders. It also activates the muscles of our shoulders.

arm exercises for women 1

Image: nordenergi.org


  • Stand straight with some distance in your legs.
  • Hold a dumbbell of 5 – 10 pounds in each of your hand with your arms at respective side of your body.
  • Slowly raise your arms with your elbows slightly bent until they become linear with your shoulders.
  • Now, bring them back in the original position.
  • Repeat for 8 – 10 times for two sets.

V Raise

This is another shoulder exercise which comes under arm exercises for women. It will help you to make your shoulders free with flexibility without locking your muscles.

arm exercises for women 3

Image: girlterest.com


  • Stand straight with dumbbells of suitable weight in your hands.
  • Keep your arm at the side of your body.
  • Now, slowly raise your arms diagonally until they become parallel to the floor.
  • This should form a V shape with your arms.
  • Wait for 5 secs and then go back again.
  • Repeat for 10 – 15 times in two sets.

Shoulder Press

Being one of the most effective arm exercises for women, this one will help you to tone biceps and tighten your shoulder muscles.

arm exercises for women 2


Image: www.werunup.com


  • Stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart.
  • Hold 5 – 10 pounds dumbbell in each hand just above your shoulder.
  • Slowly raise both of your hands vertically upwards until they become fully stretched.
  • Wait for 5 secs and then go back to initial position.
  • Perform 8 – 10 reps.

Rotating Dumbbells For Triceps

At the end of this exercise, you will be able to tone your triceps with a cut showing your triceps area. Arm exercises for women should cover the exercise of shoulder, biceps, and triceps too. Therefore, this is an important exercise.

arm exercises for women 5

Image: www.expertrain.com


  • Slightly bent your knees and lean forward.
  • Hold one dumbbell of 5 – 10 pounds in each hand with your arms perpendicular to the floor.
  • Now, bend your right elbow to bring the dumbbell at your side.
  • Your upper right arm must be parallel to the floor in this position.
  • Rotate your lower right arm about your elbow until your palm faces the ceiling.
  • Now, rotate it back to the initial position.
  • Follow the same steps for the left hand.
  • Perform this exercise for 10 times with each arm.

The Bottom Line

By the end of each session, you should feel your arm muscles tightened. If you are starting to work out for the first time in a long period, you will feel muscle pains for the first few days. Don’t worry as it is just your fat, burning. Perform these arm exercises for women given on the ilovemyshape.com. Be regular with your schedule and you will get toned arms in few months.

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