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[] Flawless skin is every woman’s desire. To have a workable anti-aging formula that keeps skin supple is a lady’s lifelong dream. However, the high cost of cosmetics is the bugbear that holds women back from practicing proper skin care. Skin care treatments are notorious for being expensive. It comes as no surprise that most women would rather go without them.

Do not neglect your skin like they do.  The good news for you is that the simplest of ingredients can do wonders for it. Honey is one of these miracle compounds. The benefits of honey on skin are countless. In this article, ILoveMyShape will show the many advantages of this wonder ingredient to you. 

8 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Honey On Skin

The benefits of honey on skin will delight you. Every woman should include it in her beauty regime.

1.  Smoothens Skin

You must desire smooth skin that will make your friends turn their heads in envy.  A simple, miracle cure like honey will make your skin flawless and supple.

Honey works well with herbs like Besan, Malai, Chandan (sandalwood) and rose oil to form a nourishing face mask.

Besan overcomes acne and a host of other skin problems. Chandan makes it extra smooth. Malai lightens and exfoliates your skin. This moisturizer heals chapped lips and lifts wrinkles. It removes the impurities that cause acne.


  • Mix honey and these other ingredients to create a refreshing face mask.
  • Apply it on your face twice a week to have skin with no blemishes.

Benefits Of Honey On Skin

2.  Gets Rid Of Acne

Pimples are a pain in many ways. The pus in them makes them hurt. They leave ugly scars behind and mar your appearance.

Your challenge is to get rid of acne without breaking your skin or leaving scars on your face. Honey, with its exfoliating properties, does this well.


  • Combine honey and cinnamon to make a paste.
  •  Apply in on your pimples.
  • Leave the mask on while you sleep, then wash it off when you get up in the morning. Your acne will disappear.


benefits of honey on skin 2

3.  Removes The Effects Of Tanning

Next to great benefits of honey on skin that many people don’t know, this natural beauty ingredient can help improve skin health and prevent skin from tanning. Looking sun-kissed is cool. That said, no woman wants her skin to be too dark. People have associated beauty with fairness since time began.

Honey will make your skin light and white. It gets rid of scaly roughness when mixed with other ingredients.

Milk powder makes your skin less coarse. Lemon does away with blackheads and brightens your skin as well.

Almond oil is a great help if you suffer from dry, scaly skin. It keeps skin hydrated and prevents it from itching. It also removes dark circles.

body hair removal recipes 5


  • Combine these ingredients, in equal quantities, with honey to form a paste.
  • Apply it on the affected skin and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Your skin will become fairer and moisturized. 

 4.  Moisturizes  & Cleanses Skin

A humectant, honey draws moisture from the air and into your skin. It keeps skin hydrated for hours.

Honey cleanses the skin as well. This compound has potent enzymes which clarify it. It works well with jojoba oil to unclog pores. The jojoba nut, itself a moisturizer, keeps skin firm and removes impurities.


  • Mix a teaspoon of raw honey with two teaspoons of jojoba oil to clean and strengthen your skin.

5. Treats Chapped Lips

When it comes to the most common benefits of honey on skin, we all know that honey works wells as a lip balm with its moisturizing properties. Use it as a remedy for your dry, chapped lips.


  • Put together one teaspoon of honey, 1/2 a teaspoon of rose water and 1/2 a teaspoon of glycerin.
  • When it forms a salve, apply on your lips.

benefits of honey on skin 3

6.  Treats Dry Skin

Dry, scaly skin is a bane. You may have tried off-the-counter moisturizers that do not help much.

It will please you to know that an everyday ingredient like honey can solve your dry skin woes.  


  • To use it as a moisturizer, add two teaspoons of it to 1 teaspoon of fresh milk.
  •  Spread it onto your face and leave it on for  20 mins.
  • The mixture will keep your skin smooth and supple for hours.

7.  Has Anti-Aging Properties

All women want a way to rid their faces of the creases and wrinkles that come with age. Full of antioxidants, honey is an anti-aging collagen that smoothens wrinkles. 1/2 a teaspoon of raw honey serves as an anti-aging face pack.

benefits of honey on skin 1

8. Gets Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Besides, honey, an exfoliating agent, works with other ingredients to get rid of unwanted hair.


  • Create a mixture with one teaspoon of honey, one tablespoon of sugar and some lemon juice.
  • Whisk it into a smooth paste and heat it in a microwave.
  • When it is not too hot, apply it on the part of the body with unwanted hair.
  • Apply it in the same direction the hair is growing.
  • Then, pluck the hair in the opposite direction. Pluck it this way removes it from its root.

The Bottom Line

Honey has many benefits on skin that you should exploit. It is a low cost but foolproof way to restore years to your appearance. ILoveMySHape has suggested many ways to remove acne, ugly marks and smoothen your skin. Take advantage of the many ways that honey can make a difference to your complexion. We hope that this article on beauty benefits of honey on skin has been helpful to you!

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