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Breast Cancer Symptoms And Preventions

[] 18.2% of all deaths caused by cancer worldwide, are related to breast cancer. Many cases of breast cancer happen to females. It is most specifically common among elderly women and accounts for about 16% of all cancers in women and 22.9% of invasive female cancers.

Although breast cancer is mostly associated to women, in rare instances, breast cancer affects men as well. One thing many people fail to realize is that men also have breast tissues which can be affected by cancerous cells.  It’s only less common among them because male breast cells are less developed. This article will focus more on breast cancer symptoms in women, diagnosis, and some few preventive methods.

Breast cancer usually begins in the lobules that supply milk to the lactiferous duct or the duct’s inner lining. Like any other part of the human body, the breast, is made up of billions of microscopic cells which multiply systematically – as new cells replace the ones that die off. In cancer patients, the cells multiply uncontrollably, and there tend to be too many cells, progressively more and more than there should be.

There are two categories of breast cancer. Each category is determined by the kind of breast tissue which has become cancerous. The commonest type of breast cancer known as ductal carcinoma which starts off in the milk duct.Lobular carcinoma, the one that starts off in the lobules is a lot less common. A breast cancer that began in the lobules is called lobular carcinoma, while ductal carcinoma is the cancer which develops in the milk ducts.

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Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Some of the early stages of breast cancer symptoms that show up in the early stages of the disease include.

The initial symptom of breast cancer is generally a lump or thick tissue in the breast of a woman. although a majority of lumps in the breast are not cancerous; women should always check with a health care professional whenever they experienced such. Other breast cancer symptoms that occur in the initial stages of the disease include a lump in the breast; a lump or swelling in one of the armpits; a pain in breast or the armpits that are unrelated to the menstrual period of the woman; skin of the breast becoming reddish like an orange skin; a rash on one of the nipples or around it; a thickened tissue area in the breast; there is a discharge on One of the nipples – sometimes containing blood; the appearance of your nipple changes a bit; becoming inverted or sunken; the shape or The size of the breast changes

Women who detect any of the following breast cancer symptoms should see a doctor immediately.

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Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Women are usually diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine breast cancer screening. If you are a woman and you detect any of these breast cancer symptoms, see your doctor immediately. When you speak to your doctor, he or she will first carry out a physical examination. If your doctor suspects that further assessment may be needed, he/she may then refer you to a breast cancer specialist.

Examples of diagnostic tests and procedures for breast cancer include Breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan, Breast exam, 2D combined with 3D mammograms, X-ray (mammogram); Biopsy; Breast ultrasound.

Staging Of Breast Cancer

Staging refers to the level of the cancer in the body. It determines whether the breast cancer is invasive or non-invasive, how large the tumour has become, whether there are lymph nodes, how many there are, and whether the cancer has spread to other body areas.

The stage of cancer is a key factor in determining the patient’s prognosis and in deciding the appropriate treatment options for the patient. Staging is done after a person has been diagnosed with cancer. the doctor may do several different tests in staging, these may include blood tests, a CT scan, a mammogram a bone scan, a PET scan or a chest X-ray.

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Preventing Breast Cancer

In developed countries, breast cancer rates tend to be high as opposed to cases in developing countries. One of the key factors leading to this is life-expectancy. However, women in the developed nations with breast cancer live much longer than those in the developing ones. Experts believe the different eating habits and lifestyles of these two groups of women tend to be one of the contributing factors.

Making some changes to your lifestyle can significantly help diminish your risk of developing a breast cancer. The following are few ways you can follow to reduce breast cancer systems.

Alcohol consumption

A woman who does not drink alcohol at all, or at least only drinks in moderation (no more than one alcohol per day), is less likely to develop breast cancer as opposed the ones that drink alcohol regularly or excessively.

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Physical exercises

Researchers have reported that engaging in physical activities be it mild or intense, or before/after menopause, can lower the risk of breast cancer. Exercising about five days each week can diminish a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer. However, substantial weight gain may negate these benefits.

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women with a healthy bodyweight have a much lower chance of getting breast cancer as opposed to overweight and obese females.

Postmenopausal hormone therapy

reducing hormone therapy can help lessen any breast cancer risks. You first need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this with your doctor very well before taking this therapy.

Hope this article was informative on ways you can reduce the probability of getting breast cancer. Are you experiencing any breast cancer symptoms

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