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Causes Of Brittle Nails And Treatments

[] Normally, the hand we use regularly develops fingernails faster. On occasion, it becomes one of the most difficult signs of menopause that a woman has to deal with as  it robs her of her feeling of individuality and femininity. Unfortunately, during this period of time, many women suffer from brittle nails, which happen naturally with hormonal changes and age. I have elaborated in the following article some causes of brittle nails and treatments.

Continue reading to find out more about these causes, the common symptoms, traits, factors, and possible treatment plans that will help you to restore your nails back to their previous glory.

Causes Of Brittle Nails And Ways To Improve This Condition

Nail Growth Process
To know how people begin to experience such as brittle fingernails, the first thing to do is to get to know about the nail growth process. Both toenails and fingernails grow from roots underneath the epidermis, from the slim white semicircle at the base of the nail known as the lunula. This cell group creates a substance called keratin, which is responsible for forming the nails that protect women’s fragile nail beds.

Whenever the body is healthy, a female’s nails will grow with strength and uniformity. Nevertheless, if nails are cracked, brittle or there are changes in colour, this can be an indication of infection or instability that is tossing off the production of keratin.

If a woman has always had strong, healthier nails, she might not recognise the signs of brittle nails. As you continue to read this piece on the main causes of brittle nails and treatment, it will help you to understand how to reverse this irritating symptom and strengthen your nails.

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Cause Of Brittle Nails

Hormonal Factors

Dehydration, the absence of moisture, and dampness are some key factors that cause brittle or weak nails. While changes in nail appearance such as brittle fingernails can take place due to a variety of reasons, the likely cause for ladies of menopausal age is hormones fluctuation, particularly oestrogen. Oestrogen plays a key role in the retention of human body fluid and regulation of water in the body. Whenever a woman’s anatomy contains greater amounts of oestrogen, her general body water amounts will likely be higher as well, and correspondingly, when her oestrogen levels are reduced, this can lead to dehydration which exhibits itself in such indications as dry, cracked, brittle fingernails.

Other Causes

Other notable causes of brittle nails are anaemia, poor blood supply, disease, liver illness, and thyroid issues. In addition to causes that are hormonal, particular diseases and nutritional problems can have an effect on nail growth. Specific nutritional elements such as calcium, vitamin C, protein, folic acid, fat and iron, all help to build strong healthier fingernails. Anxiety and stress can also cause brittle or weak nails.

Brittle fingernails in women who have menopause are mainly caused by fluctuating levels of oestrogen that leads to dehydration, is to be treated directly at the hormone supply level.

How To Get Stronger And Healthier Nails

Eat Yogurt

Fortunately, the health of your nail is relatively simple to build. Nails can be more brittle during menopause as an outcome of changing levels of oestrogen. Eating more yoghurt, which contains calcium, zinc, and iron, can help maintain nail health and health strength. It can also help promote a strong digestive and immunity system. Try incorporating yoghurt into your normal meals, like tacos, pasta, salads, and smoothies, to raise your day-to-day nourishment boost. This is very important.

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Eat Almonds

Did know that almonds contain essential fatty acids which have been shown to improve nail growth. Eating as few as six almonds a day can produce visible outcomes. To banish the spectre of brittle nails, it is best to utilise a particular approach in treating them. There is a proven fact that nail health in menopausal women involves both health inadequacies as well as hormone changes. And almonds can address these two issues in a quiet simple way.


Balance Your Life And Diet

Generally speaking, it is always recommended that ladies begin with the least invasive method, which will be lifestyle changes. If your brittle nails are increasingly being caused by poor nutrition or anxiety, eating a balanced diet rich in vitamin C, fat, and protein can be extremely beneficial. Meditation, yoga and other stress reduction practices can also help.

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When To Meet A Doctor

A variety of this imbalance can be addressed by existing alternative and natural remedies. The best approach to fighting brittle fingernails is, therefore, a combination of alternative medication and lifestyle changes treatment.

If experiencing other symptoms which could suggest brittle nails symptom, we suggest that you get the advice of a medical practitioner. Split fingernails or discolorations can be indications of a more severe condition.

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Many experts suggest that ladies who have problems with brittle nails want to start treating it with changes in lifestyle, then move onto alternative treatment (preferably combining the two) and finally, look to medications if nothing else seems to work.

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