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[Ilovemyshape.com] If you want to build muscles that you can flaunt at the gym, you are not alone. All guys want to develop toned physiques that they can show off. Announcing Critical Bench, a miracle book on how presses triple your muscle size. Read this Critical Bench Program Review that shows how the program will reshape your muscles within a short month.

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critical bench program review 5 Critical Bench Program – Can It Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals? WHAT IS THE CRITICAL BENCH PROGRAM?

Critical Bench Press is a life-changing program developed by Mike Westerdal. The bodybuilder went from being able to lift only 100 pounds to being able to do more than 200 presses.

Mike discovered the secrets of building a killer physique after he finished high school. As a gawky kid, he could only do 100 bench presses. The 230-pound weightlifter can now lift over 400 pounds of weight.

Mike knows more about doing bench presses that anyone else. He has made it his life. He found that if you can lift 20 or 30 more pounds, you will be able to gain at least 75 pounds of muscle mass.

It took a few years, but Mike realized that the way to increase muscle mass is to strengthen your body. The more weights you lift, the more muscle mass you gain. The avid weightlifter also found that doing bench presses helped him to burn calories.

The Critical Bench Program is an easy way to move towards your fitness goals. The program makes it easy to track the number of weights you lift.

The bench press is an intense exercise that will increase your strength. As you build muscles, you release testosterone, hormones that stimulate muscle growth in men.

critical bench program review 4

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In this fabulous guide, Mike shares the secrets about bench pressing. He shows how to do bench presses to your best advantage. He guides you through the forearm and bicep lifts that will strengthen your muscles.

The Critical Bench Program 2.0 will help you to increase the number of bench presses you can do. Carry up to 50 more pounds of weights withing ten weeks. Build a stunning 400-pound press using this program. Mike teaches you:

1) How to bench press the right way and avoid over training. Muscles tear after every workout. They grow between exercise sessions, not during them. The Critical Bench Program will teach you how to avoid aches, pain and tendinitis.

2) Why it is crucial that you warm up before each workout session. Warming up will allow you to lift weights without straining your muscles.

3) The secrets to gaining muscle size. Muscles increase as strength increases. Learn to lift weights so that your muscles get bigger than before.

4) The greatest mistakes that weightlifters make. They will set you back from reaching your full potential.

5) How to develop the resilience that you need to achieve your fitness goals. Mike will help you to develop the right mindset for workouts at the gym.

6) The sought after techniques for building the biggest muscles ever.

7) How long you need to rest between exercise sets.

8) The truth behind supplements. Mike knows which supplements to take, and which to avoid.

9) How lifestyle changes can impact your training. Lack of sleep can affect the number of presses you can do.

10) Why it is important to track your progress

11) How a weightlifting buddy can help you with forced repetition exercises.

12) How spending too much time at the gym can be counter productive

13) How to control your movements so that you have more energy to do presses.

14) How to get rid of the problems that come with bench pressing. Mike will show you how to hold the bar the right way.

15) Little tricks that you can do to increase the weight, you lift.

16) How to use your arms and legs the right way when you do bench presses

17) Leverage secrets that will maximize your lifts

18) How to put strength into your presses

19) Whether slow, methodical movements are better than quick ones

20) How bench pressing can shock your muscles into growing faster.

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This incredible program has benefits beyond belief.

1) It will help you to increase the number of bench presses you can do. Do presses faster than you ever imagined.

2) Gain muscle mass and boost your self-esteem. Be the envy of your friends.

3) The Critical Bench Program 2.0 will improve your health.

4) Strengthen yourself within two short weeks.

5) This fantastic program shortens the time you spend at the gym.

6) You will learn the right way to train and avoid supplements.

7) Cut down on expensive workout programs.

8) Find out the secrets to building the perfect body that even professional trainers do not know.

9) Take advantage of a program that has helped 32887 people.

10) Use it to set your personal best. You will meet your fitness goals faster than you thought possible.

CRITICAL BENCH PROGRAM REVIEW- HOW MUCH DOES IT COST This program has been around for ten years. For its ten-year anniversary, Mike is offering it at a low price of $47. You would usually have to pay $127 to experience its benefits.

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If you buy it today, you will receive all three components of the program.

Component 1: The Critical Bench Program

This comprehensive book is a manual for bench pressing the correct way. There are exercises, training boundaries and words of encouragement to move you forward. It is a guide to achieving muscle mass.

Component 2. Customized Training Logs

You will get over 80 detailed workout charts. The tables come in increments of five pounds. They show you how much weight to lift each week, over ten weeks.

Component 3: Bench Press Fundamentals online DVD

Mike has put together an exclusive DVD. With lifter Clint Smith and world record contender AJ Roberts, he shows you how to press for success.

Receive never-before-seen footage of weightlifting champ Lee Hayward and Diesel Crew’s Jim Smith.

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You will also receive four bonuses:

Bonus 1: The Critical Bench Routine

Mike shows you how to craft a workout routine in this incredible guide. Learn when to give your muscles a break.

Bonus 2: Critical Conversations with Elite Iron Warriors

Get details of Mike’s talks with big name powerlifters.

Bonus 3: Critical Exercise Guide

Refer to this handy guide when you are not sure how to do exercises.

Bonus 4: In-Depth Report On Creatine’s Usage In Sports

Creatine is a powerful muscle builder and is especially useful for boosting sports performances. Mike teaches you the facts you need to know about this supplement.


The answer to this is a resounding yes. Every Critical Bench Program Review carries enthusiastic testimonials of users.

Mike is so confident that the program works that he is offering a 6O-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the results of the program, you will get all your money back. As further assurance from Mike, you get to keep all the bonus gifts.

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This exclusive guide has never been on sale, so you will be among the first to receive it if you grab it today. Go on the Critical Bench Program 2.0 and reshape your life.

Below are some customers’ feedback about Critical Bench Program:

Critical Bench Program Review- Testimonial 1
Critical Bench Program Review- Testimonial 1
Critical Bench Program Review- Testimonial 2
Critical Bench Program Review- Testimonial 2

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