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Ear Infection Symptoms And Causes In Kids

[ILoveMyShape] Ear infections are inconvenient and painful, especially for a young child.  An infected ear is smelly as well. It also means that your child will struggle to hear well. Good news is that your young one does not have to put up with it.  Find out what causes it and how to treat it naturally. ILoveMyShape brings you basic information about ear infection symptoms and causes in kids.
Ear Infection Causes 
Your child’s ear infection may have more than one cause. They happen when bacteria flood the middle ear. Viruses often arise from other ailments, such as the common cold or flu. They trigger inflammation of the nasal passages, Eustachian tubes, and throat.
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The Eustachian tubes run from the middle ear to the back of the throat, behind the nasal passages. The openings of the tubes that are near the back of the throat open to release pressure from the middle ear. An upper respiratory infection can cause a swelling that obstructs these tubes. Fluid then builds up in them, a condition known as otitis. Bacteria in this fluid results in an ear infection. Your child will have what medical professionals call chronic suppurative otitis media if the disease returns persistently. Further, tissue high in the back of the nose, called the adenoids, may enlarge and become inflamed.  They then block the Eustachian tubes, resulting in an ear infection.
Children are more prone to ear infections because their Eustachian tubes are poorly shaped. Their underdeveloped immune systems make them prone to infections; Ear infections often happen in group settings, such as child care sessions.
Breastfed babies often have fewer ear infections than those who drink milk formula because the enzymes in breast milk fortify the immune system.
Poor air quality, together with seasonal factors, raise the risk of an ear infection. If your child is allergic to pollen, prevalent during the summer months, he will be at a high risk of an ear infection  Tobacco smoke will make him prone to one as well.
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Ear Infection Symptoms
 How can you confirm that your child is suffering from an ear infection? His ears will feel painful because of the presence of bacteria. The pain may give him bouts of insomnia, and he may get a headache. You will find your child tugging at his ear more often than usual, and the pain may make him emotionally unstable.
Further, he will not be able to hear so well. He may lose his balance, and an odorous discharge may emanate from his ears. He may lose his appetite as well.
 Ear infection in kids is very dangerous as it can harm other body organs like brain and digestive system. By understanding ear infections symptoms and causes, you can protect your child’s  health and cure this condition in time.

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