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9 Best Foods For The Penis

[Ilovemyshape.com] Having a healthy diet can really help to improve your sexual health. According to research, some particular nutrients have positive effects on particular areas of penile performance. I have rounded up in this article some of the best foods for the penis. Eat these sexual superfoods to flatten your belly and make your little guy bigger.

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9 Best Foods For The Penis You Should Eat More

1. Banana

Banana can be considered as one of the best foods for the penis. It contains a high amount of potassium which is good for blood circulation and a healthy heart in general. In fact, to avoid erectile dysfunction, you need to have a healthy heart. Yes – a healthy heart – is one thing that all hard men have. You can control your sodium levels by getting enough potassium from bananas. This also prevents high blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart problems. If you do not like bananas, you can get your potassium from jacket potatoes or oranges.

foods for the penis


2. Garlic

Ancient Egyptians used garlic to boost their sexual drive and stamina. In fact, they were really onto something although they did not have any scientific evidence to back that. Modern science has now confirmed that a man can prevent the formation of new fatty deposits, and nano plaques inside the walls of the arteries (including the arteries that leads to your penis) when they consume more garlic. This may be the reason why it actually worked for the ancient Egyptians. Add garlic to your weekly dishes for strong erections and a healthy heart in general.

foods for the penis

3. Ginger
you can also improve your sex life with ginger. How does it work? Ginger actually improves artery health and aids blood flow. A study by the International Journal of Cardiology indicates that when you take just a teaspoon of ginger a couple of times every week, you can get a healthy heart. This spice has also been known to increase the testosterone levels in men as well as their sperm viability.

4. Tomato
Tomato is also one of the best foods for the penis. According to research, men who take a high amount of this food each week have 10% more normal sperm. This is to say that tomatoes can help to improve the shape of your sperm. According to another recent study by the journal cancer epidemiology, a man has 18% less chance of developing prostate cancer when they consume over 10 servings of tomatoes every week. This is due to the presence of lycopene in the tomatoes. Lycopene is an antioxidant, which gets rid of toxins that may cause cell and DNA damage.

foods for the penis

5. Oats
Reach for some oatmeal if you want to go long enough in bed. This popular cereal contains a high amount of I-arginine, an amino acid which is used most specifically in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. One thing that also leads to the narrowing and clogging of your arteries (atherosclerosis) is having high cholesterol. This impairs the flow of blood and will definitely give you issues below the belt as well as general heart problems. You will be able to lower the levels of cholesterol in your body and improve your blood flow if you eat whole grains like oatmeal. Moreover, your cholesterol level reduces when you eat oatmeal. The truth is that arteries that are found in the area of the genitals are quite narrow than the coronary blood vessels. This makes them more susceptible to clots. In fact, you will have a good erection the more balanced your cholesterol levels are.

Because of the scrotum-like appearance of the avocado, the Aztecs used to refer to the avocados as testicles. In fact, they were onto something here. Avocado is actually fully packed with vitamin B6, potassium, and vitamin E. These nutrients have been known to increase sexual libido. Again they contain monounsaturated fats that boost circulation of blood and also protects your heart. They are abundant in carotenoids and minerals that provide stamina and energy during sex. Find more creative ways to consume avocados.

foods for the penis

The egg is one of the best foods for the penis because it contains Choline. Choline is an effective natural chemical that not only helps to burn fat, but also helpful in the bedroom. Choline encourages nitric oxide production, which enables the blood flow to the penis by relaxing the arteries in the penis. It tends to be a precursor of acetylcholine, that affects activities in the brain hence controlling sexual behaviour. You experience not only frequent sex but also longer and more intense orgasms during sex when you have a high amount of this neurotransmitter in your body. Eggs also contain a high amount of vitamin B5 and B6, which help to fight stress and also balance the level of hormones within the body.

8.Peanut Butter
It’s amazing to know that peanut butter is also an aphrodisiac. In fact, it contains two key nutrients known to improve bedroom performance. These are vitamin E and niacin. According to a study printed in the journal of sexual health, niacin was able to improve the bedroom performance of men who took it rather than the ones who took a placebo.

foods for the penis

Another of the best foods for the penis is the broccoli. One thing that prevents the production of males sex hormones is oestrogen. Testosterone levels in men fall as they grow, whiles their oestrogen levels rises gradually. You can use Broccoli to strike this balance. They contain indoles – these are anticancer compounds that can help to boost the production of testosterone by flushing the system of excess estrogen as well as breaking them down.

We hope you found this article quite informative. I Love My Shape will like to hear your views on some of the best foods for the penis.

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