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8 Foods Rich In Phosphorous And Its Benefits For Health

[Ilovemyshape.com] Phosphorus is an essential nutrient that encourages proper functioning of the cells and making of the molecule which supplies energy to our cells – i.e. adenosine triphosphate. It is also required for the regulation of calcium in the body as well as strengthening our teeth and bones. A phosphorus deficiency can lead to anaemia, reduced appetite, rickets or bones which are unable to form properly, muscle pain, a weak immune system, and numbness. In fact, the deficiency of phosphorus tends to be rare as it found in almost every food.  According to scientific research, you can only get about half of phosphorus from  plant foods. However, it is easily absorbed more in meat products. Again, the rate of absorption of phosphorous is different among different people.  This means that some people absorb phosphorous from ingested food more than others.

Those who are particularly concerned about getting the right minerals and vitamins might check out these foods rich in phosphorous. Certain foods are richer in phosphorus than others, although many foods contain this dietary element.

Benefits Of Phosphorus For Health

Phosphorus helps teeth and bones to develop. It assists the functions of the kidney. It helps to control the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance. It even helps in such tasks as helping to replicate the DNA. Different phosphorus amounts are required within Different individuals. You may need a low phosphorus diet for certain health conditions while some people are also required to be on a high phosphorus diet based on their condition.

In order to get lots of phosphorus into your diet, Here are some of the best foods rich in phosphorus compiled by I Love My Shape.

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Top 7 Super Foods Rich In Phosphorus


Another one of the foods rich in phosphorus is Garlic. Garlic, the historically popular plant contains the healthy element is Phosphorus, and it has been used so for ages in southern European cultures to provide both nutrition and flavour in daily cuisine.
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Legumes & Nuts
Apart from peanut butter, other nuts such as Brazil nuts, many varieties of beans, almonds, and cashews are all good foods rich in phosphorous, when easy food storage and refrigeration is difficult. These foods, in non-perishable and dried forms, can be a good solution for getting phosphorus and other nutritional elements in a diet.

Broccoli is also one of the foods rich in phosphorus. Additionally, it provides a wealth of health benefits that are generally found in green vegetables, including as vitamin C as well as antioxidants which help to fight toxins in the body. Prior to cooking, as some of their minerals in green vegetables and vitamins are more concentrated. Some nutritional experts, therefore, recommend eating broccoli and other green vegetables in a raw form rather than boiled.

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Sunflower Seeds
Although discarding the shells can sometimes mean a lot to clean up afterwards, these little snacks are fun to eat and also deliver phosphorus. The ratio of phosphorous-to-calcium  in sunflower seeds is ideal for making the calcium required for building strong teeth bones. It plays a vital role in protein synthesis for the repair of tissues and cells as well as for the growth of muscles. Sunflower seeds also fundamental in the production of a molecule that the body uses to transport as well as store and transport energy. Aids in the contraction of muscles.

Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is also a phosphorus rich food, along with a high amount of protein. Apart from phosphorus, it’s also a source of minerals like magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, calcium, etc., so needed by the body to work well. Sufficient supply of these minerals guarantees a lowered risk of mineral deficient diseases and ensure that your heart also stays healthy. Instead of fat, saturated varieties, nutritional experts recommend natural, organic, peanut butter over sweetened.

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Bran Mixes & Whole Wheat

Any combination of whole wheat baked goods, bran flakes or similar products help to add a high amount of phosphorus in your daily diet, along with other nutritional benefits such as fibre. Wheat substantially lowers the dangers of heart diseases, as a result of its rather low-fat content. In diabetic patients, it also helps to regulate the glucose levels in the blood. Wheat is able to supply you with a tremendous source of energy as well.

Cheddar/Cottage Cheese

There is a high amount of phosphorus in these two different kinds of cheeses. Cheddar cheese is a favourite of both adults and children and you can either add it to another dish or eat it plain. Apart from the high amount of phosphorus it contains, cheddar cheese provides other nutritional benefits and flavour. It contains protein, and calcium, although it’s relatively high in saturated fat. You can easily get cheddar cheese from the farmers, grocery stores, restaurants and markets. With cottage cheese, it is best to choose the one with either low fat or no fat at all.

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Chicken & Turkey

Both of these contain phosphorus and however you can add a lean meat be added to some your diet plans. These foods rich in phosphorus are some of the best options for people who want to include a high level of phosphorous in their daily food.

In order to restore balance, the body sends calcium to the bones from the blood when you ingest too much phosphorous containing foods. This transfer of calcium can cause calcification of internal organs and also weaken your bones. This consequently can increase your risk of vascular diseases and heart attacks. You must, therefore, consume this mineral in its right amount to avoid the complications that often come with eating it in excess. Eat in Select the ones which are your favourite or which of these are most beneficial to your dietary schedule and personal nutritional requirements. For most families and individuals, foods rich in phosphorus are relatively easy to fit into a daily nutritious balanced, menu.

Do you know of other foods rich in phosphorous? Do share your ideas in the comment box with our readers. Follow I Love My Shape for more useful tips.


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