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[Ilovemyshape.com] Everyone wants to eat layers of chocolate cake without adding layers to their waistlines. Finding sweet treats that will not harm your figure is no mean feat.

What if there was a way to sample delightful desserts without breaking your weight loss vows? This amazing Guilt Free Desserts Book will help you to do just that. Read this Guilt Free Desserts Book Review, and you will find a way to eat rich food without feeling sinful.

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GUILT FREE DESSERTS BOOK REVIEW- WHAT IS IT? Until a short time ago, few desserts could keep excess weight off your body. Guilt Free Desserts is the brainchild of Kathy Herring, Healing Gourmet’s founder, and CEO. The company is a leading authority on recipes that are both organic and sustainable. Healing Gourmet has always extolled the benefits of an organic, natural diet. Kathy believes that real foods offer protection from diseases. She knows that you can reach the peak of health with a whole foods diet that is low-glycemic. Kathy wanted to create delightful desserts from natural ingredients. These had to be mouthwatering, and good for the body.

The attractive CEO and her team did this by using Sweet Science, a winning formula. It relies on Metabolic Power Ingredients to create delectable, healthy desserts. They substituted unrefined ingredients from traditional dessert recipes with fats, fiber, and protein. These compounds have the ability to raise your body’s metabolism and help you to lose weight. Healing Gourmet makes sure that it keeps to its word. They adjust the ingredients so that nothing is unnatural or fattening.

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This Guilt-Free Desserts Book Review will reveal the benefits of this astounding book. This include:

  • How to bake a sweet chocolate cake with a higher fiber content than whole grain cereals
  • 50 dessert recipes that will tease your tongue, yet keep you slim
  • Learning how to bake to-die-for Carrot Cake Cupcakes and Gingerbread Cookies
  • Useful nutritional information, time-saving suggestions and projected preparation time
  • The details you need to give traditional desserts a new look
  • Tips on how to use health-giving organic ingredients

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You will discover the power of natural sweeteners, like honey and coconut sugar. The Healing Gourmet Team knows that processed sugars damage health. This incredible book shows you how to remove them from your favorite dessert recipes. The book will introduce you to a magical low-glycemic flour. It will fulfill your carbohydrate needs while preventing heart disease and other health issues. Fats add richness to baked goods. There is nothing more satisfying than a warm apple pie with a golden crust. The bad news is that these fats add weight to your frame and destroy your health. Guilt Free Desserts will point out which fats are healthy and which to avoid.

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Explore the uncountable advantages of Guilt Free Desserts. The book exposes you to facts that you wish you knew earlier. It introduces you to a miracle fiber that is saccharine sweet and melts in your mouth. Guilt Free Desserts tells you about the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners. These sugar substitutes may pack on the pounds. This much-needed guide for weight watchers will get you acquainted with natural sugars. Let potent natural sugars amaze you. You will find out which low glycemic sugars improve the taste of baked goods. The book reveals how to add invisible fiber to your diet. This ingredient will keep the taste of your favorite foods while boosting your immunity. Also, the guidebook uncovers the mystery of sugar alcohols and the right way to use them!

You will discover a secret, canned food that will hasten weight loss. It also improves the feel of baked foods.

You will find out how to use natural gums to enhance your baked recipes.


Any Guilt Free Desserts Book Review will show you how cost-friendly this book is. For now, it retails for a low price of $19. It is well-worth your money because it comes with bonuses exclusive to those who order now.

Bonus 1: Awesome Appetizers You will receive a limited edition of Awesome Appetizers. This fabulous recipe book bears information on low-sugar adult cocktails. Get to know five exquisite holiday wines that do not have an intoxicating effect. Learn how alcohol slows fat burning.

guilt free desserts review bonus 2 Bonus 2: Copycat Girl Scout Cookies

This must-have compendium of girl scout recipes teaches you how to use wholesome ingredients. Prepare healthier versions of thin mints and samosas. All recipes use less than 2g of sugar.

guilt free desserts review bonus

Below are some feedback about the Guilt Free Desserts book:

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Healing Gourmet is so confident of its product that it is backing it up with a 100% money-back guarantee. Feel assured that you receive high-quality recipes. If you are not satisfied with the product at any time, return it within 60 days for all your money back. Take advantage of this limited period offer and grab Guilt-Free Recipes today. You will change your life in endless, positive ways.

guilt free desserts review 7DOES  KATHY HERRING PROVIDE ANY SUPPORT?

Sure! Please contact with Kathy Herring through email: info AT healinggourmet DOT com. All things you need to do now is to purchase the Guilt Free Desserts PDF Book. If you are not happy with it, simply ask for the refund. 

Thank you for reading this Guilt Free Desserts Review.

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