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Yoga Burn Program Review (Her Yoga Secrets)

[Ilovemyshape.com] You must shed extra weight, but do not want to put yourself through intense workouts. You may have gone through many Yoga programs, but none have proven helpful for weight loss. If these statements describe you, you need the help of a trained Yoga professional. Hi, we are ILoveMyShape, and we are proud to bring you tips from Yoga expert Zoe Bray-Cotton. You will need to read this Her Yoga Burn Program review if you want to keep extra weight at bay.
yoga burn 3 What Is the Yoga Burn Program?
Certified Yoga instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton, who has taught all styles of Yoga in renowned gyms in North America, shares her secrets via the fitness-enhancing Yoga Burn Program.  It has helped countless women worldwide. 
The program owes its success to Dynamic Sequencing, or when your body starts to get used to a Yoga routine. It makes your body conform to Yoga exercises and develop a more feminine shape. Yoga Burn is a three-phase program that includes 15 videos. Each of them will keep your mind and body working. 
This system suits women who prefer natural ways to lose weight. There is no need for the three Ps – potions, powders or pills. If you do not want to spend tiring hours at the gym or to lift heavy weights, this program is for you. 
Yoga Burn Program Review: What Will You Learn From It?
Besides introducing you to stress-free ways to use Yoga to increase your metabolism, Zoe will point out the three common mistakes that even instructors make when performing yoga. They unwittingly set their students up for weight gain, not weight loss. Their methods bring on stress and chronic pain.
These are the three Common Yoga Mistakes:
1. The first mistake that many women make is relying solely on yoga classes. Generic yoga classes are a mix of men, women, young and older people. Their physical capabilities and experience levels will vary. The course may not suit your personal needs, and may lead to frustration. It can also bring on painful injuries.
Many Instructors have few qualifications or training, which worsens the situation. Zoe reveals that the best way to perform Yoga is to do specific poses just for you. 
2. The second mistake is to think that all Yoga classes will relax you. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Your body produces the stress hormone, Cortisol. As it increases, your body will store fat in problem areas. Studies show that the mainstream yoga classes result in more stress and hence, fat storage in problem areas. 
3. The third mistake is that there is often no progress from one level to another in mainstream yoga classes. The people in yoga classes change randomly. If you attend them, you will end up doing the same exercises week after week. Zoe emphasizes that any successful weight-loss program should make room for adaptation and progression. 
Zoe knows that any successful health program involves progress in a manner that you find suitable. She introduces Dynamic Sequencing or doing Yoga in specific poses tailored to you. They should be in order. Dynamic Sequencing takes into account your flexibility, your experience, and goals. 
If you order the Yoga Burn System today, you will get access to over 20 pose tutorials that will familiarize you with the Yoga Burn System. Zoe also provides you with a quick-start class that will ease you into it. 
The system itself comes in three phases. Phase one is the Foundational Flow.  In this segment, Zoe teaches you the basics of Yoga. You will also get to learn some unique poses and sequences that will raise your metabolism and tighten problem areas. 
Phase Two is the Transitional Flow, dedicated to bringing you the benefits that mainstream yoga can offer. It also introduces revolutionary body-shaping strategies to you. You will learn the secret of making yoga a success- linking poses together. 
Phase Three is the Mastery Flow. It teaches you to combine all the poses you learn so that you can fire up your metabolism. 
Benefits Of The Yoga Burn Program
This tried-and-tested system has a host of endless benefits for you and other women. You will find them out if you try them today. 
To start, it is entirely stress-free. The system takes away the unnecessary stressors of rushing around and trying to find a place for your mat. These always come with attending mainstream Yoga classes. It leaves you free to enjoy the full benefits of yoga. 
These advantages are plenty, and you will experience them if you download this fantastic program today. The system’s second phase gets you in touch with mainstream yoga so that you can shape your body, boost your metabolism and lose weight. You will become toned and sexy in no time at all.  
Besides, it is a customized system. Whether you are just starting to do yoga or are an advanced practitioner, Yoga Burn is for you. You can use it no matter how skilled you are. Not generic or mainstream, it is a system that delivers maximum results in the shortest time possible. 
Apart from this, Zoe designed it with the female body in mind. With ten years of yoga training experience under her belt, she knows a woman’s physique like the back of her hand. Her moves target the exact spots that need toning.  
What’s In The Yoga Burn Package?
If you order this incredible system today, you will receive it along with three to-die-for bonuses. Zoe includes the Yoga Burn Follow-Along class, which allows you to experience Yoga’s benefits on the go. You can view this invaluable program on your smartphone or tablet. 
Then, there is Tranquility Flow, a unique set of poses directed at bringing you to a state of calm. Relieve every type of stress that affects your body. 
yoga burn 2
Support For Yoga Burn Customers
You must be wondering what the third bonus is. It is the invaluable support that Zoe provides her customers. If you order the Yoga Burn package today, you will receive Immersion, stories of real women who have learned the most efficient way to reshape their bodies. It is a loving community of ladies who provides lasting advice and friendship. 
Yoga Burn Program Review: The Price
Yoga experts value this winning system at $67, but you can get it for only $37 if you click on the Add to Cart button today. You can choose the downloadable, digital version or have it delivered to your doorstep. If you pick the latter, you will also receive the download for free. 
If you have a female relative or friend who is dying to try this system, order it for her. For only $57, you can download two packages of Yoga Burn
Try the Yoga Burn System and see its advantages for yourself. Select any Yoga Burn package and click the Add to Cart button now.
yoga burn program review - price
Yoga Burn Program Review: Guarantee Policy
You may worry about whether ordering the system is a waste of money. Zoe provides an iron-clad, 100% money-back guarantee. If Yoga Burn does not work for you for any reason, return it within 60 days for every cent you pay.
Reshape your mind and body with Yoga Burn today. ILoveMyShape hopes that this review has been useful to you. 

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