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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes For Good

[Ilovemyshape.com] Warm, tropical wealthier is always welcome, but it usually brings mosquitoes along with it. Mosquito bites are usually inconsequential, but they are annoying and extremely itchy. In rare cases, they may lead to severe diseases like malaria or dengue fever. You will be relieved to know that there are proven ways to get rid of mosquitos quickly and efficiently. They are fast, natural and most importantly, harmless to your health. But you should use some natural ways first. Below are the best home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes that you should try.
Mosquitoes, Where They Breed
An important key to getting rid of mosquitoes is to find out where their natural habitats are. Mosquito larvae thrive in dirty, warm, stagnant water. Knowing where they breed allows you to take steps to make your environment mosquito free. 
Mosquitoes thrive where dirt is. Trash cans are perfect breeding grounds for these parasites. You will find hordes of mosquito larvae if there is stagnant water in them as well. They will also be in places you least expect, like a pile of lumber scraps. Pipes connected to unused toilets are ideal mosquito breeding grounds. There is less chance that their larvae will be flushed out. 
If you do not clean bird baths often, they may become breeding grounds for these insects. The water in bed baths seldom flows, making it easy for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. You may find them in neglected home furnishings like irrigation and planter boxes. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, make sure that you clean and use it often. Abandoned swimming pools may become places where mosquitoes can thrive. 
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10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are pests, but you can ensure that they do not stay around for too long. With the help of a few remedies, you can keep them at bay and protect the health of your family as well. ILoveMyShape brings you a few home remedies that will get rid of them. 
1.  Dry Ice
The carbon dioxide that we breathe out is a magnet for mosquitoes. Place a container of dry ice near mosquito breeding grounds. Once the ice has drawn the insects to it, close the lid. This method takes a little time but keeps these pests away.
2. Coffee Grounds
A simple remedy to get rid of mosquitoes is to use coffee grounds. They force mosquito larvae to rise to the surface of the water and deprive them of oxygen. They usually kill them before they hatch. Some researchers believe that the compounds in coffee grounds curtail certain periods of development. Also, they found that these pests could not develop resistance against them. The molecules in them resemble those in insecticides.
Further, coffee could discourage female mosquitoes from laying eggs because of its color. In an experiment, researchers brewed three concentrations of coffee, including translucent, orange and dark brown. The mosquitoes avoided the dark brown coffee like the plague. 
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3. Neem Oil
Many pesticides kill mosquitoes, but manufacturers load them with harmful chemicals. Researchers found that neem oil, from the seeds of a tree in India, controlled mosquito breeding to a significant extent. They compared it with a common mosquito repellent, DEET ( N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide). DEET was superior, but Neem Oil did not fall far behind. It is a well-known medicinal herb and topical treatment for medical conditions. Mix it with coconut oil and you will create a natural repellent.
4. Eucalyptus Oil
The aroma of eucalyptus oil and leaves drives mosquitoes away and prevent these creatures from breeding. You may choose to combine them with lemon oil. This oil contains almost 80% citronella. It also has linalool and limonene in high amounts. People in days of old used it as a natural remedy for mosquitoes. 
5. Camphor
Canonic us a waxy, transparent compound that comes from the Camphor Laurel tree in Asia. Apart from being able to relieve you of congestion and nasty coughs, it relieves itchiness as well. Manufacturers use it as an ingredient in some repellents. It is also used as a cooling gel because the body readily absorbs it. Place camphor in the parts of your room where there may be mosquitoes. Let it evaporate, and your room will soon be free of annoying insects.
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6. Garlic
Garlic deters people with its pungent odor, and it repels mosquitoes in the same way. Crush a few cloves of it and put it in boiling water for some time. It forms a solution, which you should pour into a spray can and squirt in all corners on the room. This remedy may have an off-putting odor, but it is natural and works like a charm. 
7. Beer
Beer cans serve as a useful trap for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love fermented foods. Fermented beer draws mosquitoes. Leave an open beer can where mosquitoes often gather, making sure that there is tape on the lid. Leave a small hole for mosquitoes to enter. They will eventually drown in the beer. 
8. Basil 
Basil is known to kill mosquitoes. Like beer, it has a strong aroma which fends them off. Plant basil leaves around your garden, and you will discourage mosquitoes from entering it. Use the cinnamon or Peruvian variety, because they emanate the strongest aromas. 
9. Catnip
Cat lovers all know that this plant keeps their furry felines purring in contentment. This member of the mint family does the opposite for mosquitoes, however; its smell will keep these pests far away. Plant some catnip in your backyard, or put fresh catnip leaves for your pet to eat. They will release the fragrance of the leaves, and ward off pests. 
home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes (2) 10. Lavender
The aroma of lavender is enchanting to people, but far less so to your average mosquito. Lavender is hardy and easy to grow. Leave some in your backyard, and your garden will soon be free of pests, including mosquitoes.
You’ve got some home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes. Besides, you should actively protect your health from this tiny pest.
Mosquitos are a terrible nuisance, but you do not have to let them breed in the first place. Much can be done to prevent these irritating insects from surfacing. Take steps to defend your family against them. 
The watering cans, pot holders, and hoses in your backyard can become breeding spots for mosquitoes. Empty your watering cans and pots at least once a week. Make sure that you get rid of your trash and use your hoses regularly. Clear clogged drains, as water may collect in them and stagnate. 
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Repair leaky pipes that lead to the outside of your home. Air-conditioning pipes, for example, may drip occasionally. The water collects in a pool on the ground, and it is the perfect environment for mosquito larvae. Repairing them will stop surface water collection.
If you have birds at home, clean their baths at least once a week. Besides preventing larvae from breeding, your pets will be cleaner and happier as well. Fill your aquariums and water gardens with fish, which will eat mosquitoes and larvae. Putting larvacides in the water will kill them before they form.  Plant mosquito repelling plants to discourage them from breeding, and encourage birds, which are mosquito predators, to visit your backyard. 
 The Bottom Line
You can keep mosquitoes at bay the natural way, and make your environment smell inviting as well. I Love My Shape has shown you how with these 10 home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes. We hope that they have been of help to you.  
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