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How To Get Rid Of Double Chin At Home In Easy Steps

[] Having a double chin can be so embarrassing when we go out. Wearing scarfs, high neck tops and t-shirts just to hide a double chin is very common. Well, owing to the need to get rid of double chin, I have shared a few remedies in this articles. You can try these remedies at home as they don’t require any medical attention.
How to get rid of double chin can be a serious question. It is nothing but a result of extra fats stored in your body. Being overweight is the main reason behind the double chin. So, you must be thinking that losing those fats can be really tricky. Well, it is not. You can easily get rid of your double chin in one-two weeks. Just try these home remedies giving answers to the question, ‘how to get rid of double chin’, and you will be fine.

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How To Get Rid Of Double Chin: 5 Natural Tips

Chin Exercise

If you need to burn fat, exercise is must. In this case, we want to know how to get rid of double chin. Double chin means fat and thus, chin exercise is necessary for the purpose. Follow the following instructions.

  • Sit straight with your shoulder relaxed.
  • Look at the ceiling of your room.
  • In this position, try to touch your tongue to the roof of upper part of your mouth as much as possible.
  • Without losing the contact, slowly look down to touch your chin to the chest.
  • Relax your tongue.
  • Follow this for 15 – 20 times in two sets.

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Kissing The Ceiling

For creating a stress on your throat and chin, this simple technique is used. It is actually very straightforward as the name suggests. For giving exercise to your chin, we have added this one in our ‘how to get rid of double chin’ list.

  • Sit or stand straight.
  • Now look at the ceiling and try to kiss it.
  • Take your lips as far from your face as you can.
  • Hold it for 5 secs and then look forward.
  • Try this technique for 20 times.
  • It creates a stress on your throat and chin by helping you to burn the fats.

Chin Rotations

Chin rotations is a good way of giving exercise to your entire head. It creates pressure on several points of your head and throat and helps you to get rid of the unnecessary fats. Chin rotations are very easy to do. Most of the people don’t realize their importance and avoid them. Well, I would suggest you to regularly perform this exercise. Follow the following steps.

  • Sit or stand straight without bending your back.
  • Make sure that your spine is straight and vertical.
  • Now, leading with your chin, rotate your head in clockwise manner.
  • Try to touch your shoulders and chest with your chin.
  • If you are not comfortable with full rotations, you can try semi-rotations.
  • After performing clockwise rotations, try anti-clockwise rotations.
  • Rotate your head for 10 times in each direction.
  • You should feel the stress in your throat and chin.
  • This is very effective method to get rid of double chin.

Chewing Gum 

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Giving proper exercise to your jaw and chin is very essential for getting rid of your double chin. To get rid of double chin is nothing but to tone your chin. Therefore, we must eat or chew something which will help to loose such fat.

For this purpose, you can use chewing gum. Having chewing several times a day can give a good workout to your chin. It is also helpful for your gums and teeth. For marinating your health, go with sugarless chewing gums. If not chewing gums, you can have chocolates or some other food items which need to be chewed for a long time. This will really help.

Cocoa Butter

Butter can be used to massage your double chin. This will help to lose the rigidity of your chin thereby reducing fat. Use the cocoa butter in the following manner to find out how to get rid of double chin at home.

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  • Take two tablespoons of cocoa butter in a bowl.
  • Warm it to make it creamy.
  • Apply it to your throat and chin with your hands.
  • Massage it for 2 mins.
  • Follow this for twice a day.

The Bottom Line

These five remedies mentioned above are the answers to ‘how to get rid of double chin’. They are very effective and very simple to perform. You don’t have to go to the gym or consult a doctor. Just follow these techniques for one to two weeks and you will see the result. For more such tips, you can visit or go through the following links.

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