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How To Get Rid Of Stress And Anxiety Fast

[Ilovemyshape.com] With lifestyles becoming faster paced and time decreasing, stress is becoming a constant. It is not a companion you want around you. You will want to bid it good-bye as quickly as possible. Before you do, you will need to be aware of what makes you tense. Find out what the signs and effects of stress are. I Love My Shape presents these facts, and shows you how to get rid of stress and anxiety fast

Causes Of Stress & Anxiety
The American Institute of Stress reveals that anxiety has different triggers, and varies from person to person. What pressurizes one person may not do so to another. That said, these are a few everyday stressors. 
Many people experience stress as a result of a traumatic event in their childhood. The Adverse Childhood Research Study of 1998 found that abused children suffer more stress during their adulthood. 
The death of family members or loved ones can cause considerable stress. Financial worries may worsen it. 
Divorces are  leading causes of stress. Both parties have to deal with stressful, negative emotions. To add, they may also have to manage child custody issues. 
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Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety
In the midst of the rat race, you may not realize how stressed you are. Recognizing stress is the first step to dealing with it. That said, how would you know the signs?
Stress can affect you for short periods. You may feel short-term pressure when you have to speak in front of an audience, or during an interview. 
There are obvious physical signs of short-term stress. It quickens your breath and heartbeat. Such pressure leaves you with clammy hands, feet and skin. Your stomach becomes weak and your mouth, dry. You may have to visit the bathroom often and experience spasms, headaches, and fatigue. 
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 It has mental signs as well. Undue, short-term pressure may impede your judgment and cause you to make poor decisions. It may make you see difficult situations as threats, and reduce your enjoyment of activities. You may feel rejected and unable to express your problems to others. 
Stress can have more adverse, physical effects in the long run. It may alter your appetite and sleep patterns. You may develop nervous tics and catch everyday ailments like the flu more often. It may affect your relationships as well. 
Strain, in the long run, may have severe effects on your mental health. You may feel worried and overwhelmed all the time. Your moods may be difficult to keep in check, and you may neglect important life matters such as school or work.
Now, continue reading to find out how to get rid of stress and anxiety fast and naturally.
How To Get Rid Of Stress And Anxiety Fast
Stress is difficult to live with, but most people tend to ignore it and treat it as a given. It is important to realize that you do not have to live with it forever. Here are ten ways to keep stress at bay.
1. Breath Control
 Experts link stress to poor breathing habits. Many people with anxiety disorders do not breathe well. Poor breathing habits contribute to their feelings of excessive pressure.
Breath control is the solution. Breathe in through your nose for about five seconds, then hold your breath for another four. Purse your lips and blow air out gently through them. Repeat this exercise about twenty times. 
2. Talk To A Friend 
How to get rid of stress and anxiety fast? Talk to someone friendly. Seek out a friend with a sense of humor. It will keep your mind of your pressures. The support your buddy gives you will boost your confidence. 
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 3. Do Aerobics
 Your body fills up with adrenaline when you feel anxious. Gearing the adrenaline toward aerobic activity will remove your worries. 
Exercise burns cortisol, the hormone which creates stress and replaces it with endorphins, which improve your mood. Because exercise tires your muscles, it lowers the excess energy that stress builds up. It encourages healthy breathing and is a welcome distraction as well. 
4. Do What Relaxes You
 List the things that relax you and do them as fast as you can. If playing with your dog relaxes you, take it to the park for a game of Frisbee immediately. Do what removes your pressure straight away, instead of letting it overwhelm you. 
5. Kava
 Kava, an anti-anxiety herb, is a plant which grows in the Western Pacific. People use its roots to concoct a drink with anesthetic, sedative and euphoriant properties. This plant regulates stress but do consult your doctor before taking it as it may interact with medications. 
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 6. Keep Negative Thoughts At Bay 
Another answer to how to get rid of stress and anxiety fast is mind control. Your anxiety can spiral out of control without you realizing it. You can manage your worries by dismissing their triggers. 
Use a question checklist to decide if a problem is as overwhelming as you believe. Ask:
1. Is there a reason to worry?
2. Is there evidence for your concerns?
3. Are you blowing the problem out of proportion?
Affirm yourself regularly, and get used to your stress symptoms. Your mind will gradually stop associating them with stress. 
If you feel giddy, spin around in a chair to feel even giddier. If your heartbeat begins to speed up, run around and make it go faster. The symptoms will become more bearable.
7. Enjoy Mood Music
 Mood music is an effective stress reliever. Do not just choose your favorite tunes; choose music that represents your desired feelings. If you want to feel at peace, listen to slow-paced, instrumental songs. If you wish to feel more energetic, play dance tunes. Note that you should not listen to jarring, tense tunes when you feel angry or songs with negative lyrics when you feel sad. They heighten your negative emotions. 

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8. Do Not Fight It
How to get rid of stress and anxiety fast? Don’t fight it??? Well, it sounds weird. As strange as this sounds, do not fight your anxiety when it hits you. You may prolong your anxious thoughts if you try too hard to fight them. 
Go overboard embracing it. The rationale explain why you see characters in movies screaming at the tops of cliffs when something traumatic happens. Find a place where you can go crazy on your own. Scream, shout and let it all out. 
9. Avoid Stress-Promoting Drinks
 Drinks with fructose will release cortisol into your brain. Caffeine, too, wreaks havoc on your nervous system. Replace these drinks with green tea if you want to avoid stress. 
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 10. Manage Your Budget
 Find ways to cope with your financial worries, if they are the primary cause of your stress. Switch your Cable TV subscription for one that is Pay Per View. Your cable provider will start sending you smaller bills, and you will find yourself less anxious. Cancel your newspaper subscription and replace it with an online subscription, which is usually cheaper. 
You need not let stress stand in your way. Let these common sense remedies for stress eliminate it for good. I Love My Shape hopes you have discovered how to get rid of stress and anxiety fast.
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