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How To Grow Taller After 21

[Ilovemyshape.com] In various discussion forums, the question that most people ask is how they can grow taller. There are so many manuals around that promise that you will grow 3 to 4 more inches if you follow particular techniques. There are some that even talk about some “magic pills” that can make you grow taller within some few weeks. However, the truth still remains that, once your growth plates close, there is no wonder pill or any secret method that can help you to increase your height or make you grow tall. In fact, when your growth plates close, the growth of your bones is also stunted. This usually occurs around the ages of 16 to 18 in girls and 18 to 21 in boys.

After a certain age, many people would want to add a few extra inches to their current height because they think that they have stayed short for too long. This is because nobody would probably tolerate being teased for their short height or even being called short by family and friends. Moreover, in every facet of life, there is an advantage of being taller. Be it marriage proposal, relationships, or jobs, more preference is given to taller people. This is in fact, one of the many things that give short people, even more, desire to grow taller.

Whatever your age is, the good news is, there are various natural techniques and methods that can help to increase your height. And these are in fact, scientifically proven.  This article will be discussing some genetic and non-genetic factors that are related to gaining height and some few simple ways on how to grow taller after 21.

Factors That Affect Height

Your height is determined by many physical and biological factors. Some of these are mostly Genetics and non-genetic factors:

Genetic Factors
When talking about height, there are thousands of genetic variants that determine this trait. For instance, in the case of cholesterol levels and BMI. If we have to go by the scientific studies, then genetic factors determine 60 – 80 percent of the difference in height among individuals, while physical or environmental factors such as nutrition cause about 20 – 40 percent height difference. The above figures are a genetic parameter based on the estimate of human height heritability. In a given biological sample, this considers a proportion of the genetic of total height difference. All these should be factored in your effort to know how to grow taller after 21.

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The level of resemblance or similarity in height among relatives such as twin, parents, and offspring, siblings, is what is used to generally determine heritability. Race can also determine heritability of height. For instance, western people are tall while the Chinese have an average height. This heritability variation occurs due to environmental difference and genetic backgrounds such as lifestyles of the population, dietary habits, and climate.

Nongenetic Factors
Besides nutrition, there are many other non-genetic factors such as not engaging in physical activities, diseases, hormonal imbalance, and posture. The final height of the individual can greatly be affected by a childhood disease but growth hormone treatment can help you to over it. Another thing that plays an important role in height gain is not getting involved in sports or other physical activities. If you have short genes, your bones can be made strong and long if you actively participate in sporting activities. This is so because the body directs the flow of nutritional elements towards bones which in turn affects your skeletal system in general. Sometimes your growth process can be affected by hormonal imbalance which may also be caused by endocrine glands disorder. This can, however, be corrected by proper exercises and medication.

How To Grow Taller After 21 And Increase Your Height Potential 

Correct Your Standing & Sitting Posture – Do Stretching Exercise

In other cases, inappropriate standing and sitting posture can make you appear to be short. Some people are used to the habit of dropping their shoulder or slouching forward which makes them look short. Try and correct your standing and sitting posture, so that you can easily recover some of your height.

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Get A Good Night’s Sleep

A number of renowned physicians and doctors from around the world have written manuals and books explaining facts and their experiences that affect the body’s height potential in a positive way. However, these methods are not scientifically proven to help you get taller. You can gain full growth by trying your best to obtain a full 8 hours’ good sleep. This is because when our bodies are asleep or at rest, it produces a very high level of human growth hormones. You will be able to grow tall  if you follow that routine.

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Exercise And Eat Well

Again when you combine a good rest with healthy foods and exercises as your daily routine you will be able to increase your chances of growing taller at least 2 to 3 inches your normal height. Exercises which involve stretching, can help to make you light, and flexible, thereby adding some extra inches to your height.

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More Tips On How To Grow Taller After 21

Want to know more about how to grow taller after 21? If you badly need it and don’t want the natural way of doing this, you can opt for surgery or other special treatment. Surgery is also the recommended treatment for people who have bone deformities or are extremely short. Otherwise, the natural method of eating healthy and exercising will help to give you fitness in general and of course add some few extra inches.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article from I Love My Shape will be very helpful in your effort to increase your height. Next time we will be elaborate some of the best exercises you can add to your sleep and healthy diet routine to make you grow tall. Do you have other ideas of how to grow taller after 21? Do share them in the comment section of this page.






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