How To Shave Bikini Area Without Red Bumps?

[] Summer time has arrived! Along with the joys, it brings yet another chore – hair removal. Not just that your legs, arms and armpits have to be in perfect shape, likewise you now need to shave the hair from your bikini area. Shaving your bikini area is one of the delicate shaving jobs you ought to perform. So, take your time, don’t rush and do it gently. This way you’ll prevent nicks and cuts along with razor burns and ingrown hair. This article gives you some few tips as well as step by step instructions on how to shave bikini area. Continue reading to find some of the simplest ways to get it done.
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Learn How To Shave Bikini Area Without Red Bumps

1. Try A New Method

Clearly, if there was any method for removing hair from bikini area you’d prefer to try then shaving is absolutely the most irritating method. Therefore deciding on another option would be a good idea. If you’re able to afford a hair laser removal down your bikini area, that would be the best option. In the event that you can actually stand the pain sensation, you can opt for waxing. This actually comes as an extra choice and shaving cream as a 3rd option. Make sure to try the shaving cream on just a little part first, since it could cause irritation around your pubic area – as the skin around that part of your body happens to be  quite sensitive. Give it a day and if no irritation appears, you can continue safely using that method. But if you are still into the shaving idea, here’s what you ought to do.

2. Use Scissors First

In case, your pubic hair is more than ¼ inch in length, it’ll be a really hard job to shave it. So, take a set of scissors and carefully cut off the hair to reduce the length, or even shorter. You need to be careful so that you do not hurt yourself in the process.
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3. Take A Warm Shower

The next step on how to shave bikini area is to take a warm shower. Tepid to warm water will likely make your hair softer and easier to shave. Always shave your bikini area when you are in the shower. Give yourself some few minutes in a warm shower before you begin shaving the hair.

4. Exfoliate

Exfoliating first before shaving is yet another effective way to help you in shaving your bikini area. This can release any possible ingrown hair and then make the shaving easier.  In order not to get irritation from unfamiliar products, simply use products that you have tried before and which you are sure wouldn’t cause you irritation.

5. Don’t Forget Shaving Cream

Although some girls do recommend that you use a shaving cream for the bikini area, it can be quite irritating sometimes. Normal soap cannot also be the most effective idea, as it might lead to itchiness as well as wreck havoc on your normal pH down there. Due to that, you can make use of a shower gel instead. If, however, you don’t think a shower gel will probably do the job, go ahead and try the shaving cream instead. However, if you decide to use the shaving cream, search for one which is specifically for people with sensitive skin and again, always try a little on a small part of your bikini area first.
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6. Open A New Razor
Another tip on how to shave bikini area is to use a new razor. You must use a completely new razor when shaving your bikini area as the skin there happens to be really sensitive. You need a very new and sharp razor as to avoid red bumps and possible nicks.

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7. How To Shave
Many people recommend shaving against the grain (that is, against the direction where the hair grows towards), most specifically when it comes to a sensitive part of the skin like your bikini area. However, this practice has one big flaw – it does not really shave the hair off. If you’re able to shave your own hair going in the direction of the grain that will be great. However, in the event that you are unable to use long gentle strokes when shaving in the direction of the hair growth, you rather should shave side to side than up against the grain. Make use of your free hand to make your skin taut so that you can shave the hair as near to your skin as possible. Don’t press the razor against your skin. When you have to apply pressure while shaving, it only means that your razor is dull and that you may have to get a brand new one.

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8. Gentle Dry
Once you’re through with shaving, the next step on how to shave bikini area is to pick a clean, soft towel and gently tap to dry your skin. Try not to rub the towel on your skin down there, as it can cause irritation.

9. Take Care
Don’t ever use men after-shave lotions, until you want your whole neighbourhood to hear you screaming. You can instead try using baby powder which happens to be quite effective in absorbing extra moisture in your bikini area and aids in preventing that nasty itchiness, red bumps and pimples which can come about due to the moisture. Some people also claim that aloe vera can be quite helpful.

So, what do you think? Do these instructions on how to shave bikini area meet your needs? Share your thoughts and don’t forget to follow I Love My Shape for more beauty tips.



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