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10 Natural Remedies For Ear Infection In Kids

 You may not be able to bring your child to the doctor quickly enough, but there are steps you can take to treat his painful ear infection. You can find the ingredients for most of these recipes in your kitchen. ILoveMyShape shows you how these natural remedies for ear infection can make your child feel a lot better.
10 Natural Remedies For Ear Infection
Top 10 Natural Remedies For Ear Infection
1. Salt
 Salt will bring your child some relief and help him to cope with a nasty ear infection. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will draw fluid from the ear and help him deal with the pain. Heat half a cup of coarse salt in a microwave oven for about a minute. Mix it to distribute the heat evenly and cook it again for another minute. Then, pour the salt up in a sock and tie it up, Apply it on your child’s ear until you bring his ear infection under control.
2. Garlic
 This ingredient, found in every kitchen, is chock full of antioxidants. It contains enzymes with fight microbes and harmful bacteria. Use fresh garlic to remove the infection from your child’s ear, because the bacteria-fighting compounds in it are the most potent. You may make garlic oil by frying two cloves of garlic in two tablespoons each of sesame and mustard oil. Drain the solution and let it cool. Pour it into your child’s ear when it is lukewarm.
You may also boil three garlic cloves, crush them and add some salt. Wrap up the mixture in a cloth and place it against the infected ear. Eating fresh garlic helps the healing process as well.
3. Olive Oil
 This common cooking ingredient can serve as a self-care remedy for ear infections. It contains polyphenols that eradicate the fungus in the Eustachian tubes. It reduces inflammation drastically. Combine garlic and olive oil to make a potent remedy that will purge the virus in your child’s ear.
4. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV, works against ear infections because it changes the PH environment of the ear canal. Garlic makes it difficult for fungus and bacteria to survive. Heat up about three to four drops of ACV and wait for it to cool. Once it is lukewarm, drop it in the infected ear. If ACV is not available, use white vinegar.
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5. Warm Water Bottle
 A hot water bottle supplies heat to an infected ear. It also prevents a microorganism infestation in the Eustachian tubes. Put a hot water bottle in near the infected ear. If you do not have a hot water bottle, use a warm towel. Remember not to apply heat to the ear for extended periods of time.
6. Tea  Tree Oil
 This oil, from the Australian Melaleuca Alternflora tree, is known for its antiviral, antiviral and antifungal properties. It also serves as an antiseptic which removes infected bacterial fluids. Mix three drops of tea tree oil,  a teaspoon of colloidal silver, two tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of ACV. Warm the mixture and lay your child on his side. Drop the concoction into the infected ear. Then, lay him on the other side so that the mixture flows out.  Follow this remedy for two to three days, and there will be no trace of the infection.
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7.  Onion
 Parents swear that the juice from a red onion can cure ear infections,  though researchers need more evidence to back their claims. Onion juice contains quercetin, which reduces inflammation. Cook one onion for two to three minutes and collect the juice. Pour it into your child’s infected ear, then turn his head and let the fluid flow out of the ear that is not infected. Repeat this remedy two to three times a day, and his infection will subside quickly.
8. Basil Oil
 Basil is an antiviral, antispasmodic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient. It is also a muscle relaxant that can help to calm your child’s frazzled nerves. Crush a few basil leaves and apply the juice to the infected area. Prevent the juice from dripping into the ear canal. If you prefer, mix basil oil with a carrier like a coconut oil. Use it to wipe inside and behind the ear. Wipe the outer edge as well. Repeat the process twice daily and the infection will soon subside.
9. Mango Leaf Juice
 These leaves have a host of beneficial vitamins and minerals. They also contain antioxidants like mangiferin, a compound that treats many conditions, including ear infections. Crush three mango leaves and extract the juice. Warm it slightly, then dribble it into the infected ear. Your child will soon feel relief from the pain.
Mango Leaf Juice For Ear Infection
10. Breast Milk
 Breast milk has antibodies that eradicate many diseases, including ear infections. It reduces swelling and relieves pain. This remedy works for both children and adults. Drop a little warm breast milk into your young one’s infected ear, then turn his lead to drain it from the uninfected ear. His infection should subside within two to three days.
Natural Remedies For Ear Infection: Prevention Tips
 Ear infections are troublesome and painful, but they do not have to happen in the first place. You can take measure to keep them at bay. Some of them are common sense, but indispensable.
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1. Breastfeeding
 As mentioned before, breast milk contains microbes that heal infections all over the body, including the ear. The more you breastfeed your child, the more immune he will become to potential viruses in the middle ear. Breastfeeding keeps the Eustachian tubes healthy.
2. Feed Young Infants Sitting Up
 Feeding your baby in a horizontal position opens his eustachian tubes, creating a path for infected fluids from the throat and nose to flow into the middle ear. Where possible,  feed your child sitting up.
3. Cut Bad Habits
 Second-hand tobacco smoke, with dust and contaminant, makes it possible for bacteria to thrive in your child’s middle ear. Even if you smoke outside, the dust remains on your clothing. If you have young children in the home, do not smoke at all. It preserves your health and theirs.
4. Minimize Contact
 Ear infections are all too possible when your child is around people who are sick. As your child matures, advise him to wash his hands clean after he mixes with other children. Doing so reduces the possibility of an infection.
5. Call Your Pediatrician
 Keep in touch with your pediatrician if your child is prone to ear infections. Your doctor may want to put your young one on a course of antibiotics to stop them from happening. He may also recommend inserting a tympanostomy tube to remove fluid from the middle ear. It eradicates an ear infection and allows your child to hear better as well.
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The Bottom Line
 You and your child can fight nasty ear infections with a little savvy. These treatments are not inaccessible; you can find their ingredients in your kitchen. ILoveMyShape wishes you well and hopes that these natural remedies for ear infection will help your child.
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