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How To Delay Your “Red Light” Days Safely To Enjoy Travelling

[Ilovemyshape.com] Imagine how annoying it is to have your period during travelling. Here are some tips to control “red light” day in order to have unforgettable memories.

 It is annoying to have your period when you go to the beach
It is annoying to have your period when you go to the beach

It takes quite a time to prepare for your holiday. You dream about swimming in the blue and crystal-clear sea. But on that special day, you realize that your period comes; and you can do nothing but sitting on the beach, watching others play cheerfully. You even have to cancel some visits due to your pain and tiredness. That is such a nightmare.

Don’t worry. There is a method to help you delay your period safely until your travel ends. It is to affect the hormone to temporarily interrupt your period. 

One of the easiest ways to delay your “red light” day is to take birth-control pills. You have to start to take that pill 1 week before the expected date of menstruation. Use one pill per day at a fixed time until the day you want your period back.

Take birth control pill everyday is a way to postpone your period 
Take birth control pills everyday is a way to postpone your period

2 – 3 days after you stop taking the pills, you period will be back.

In case that you want to delay your period for a month, you can take 2 pills per day for the first 7 days. After that, take one pill per day to avoid too much blood on the next menstruation.

If you are now using birth control pills to delay your “red light” day, instead of taking 21 pills and stopping for 7 days, you can take a whole new pack without stop.

If you are using daily birth control pills (the type has 28 pills per pack), after the 21st pills, throw away that pack. Then, you start to take a new pill pack until the day you want your period back. The reason is that the last 7 pills are placebo. They cannot interrupt or delay your period but only help you keep your habit of taking birth control pills.

Delaying “red light” day helps you have a perfect travel
Delaying “red light” day helps you have a perfect travel

Using birth control pills provides steady amount of estrogen hormone which prevents endometrium from falling out and bleeding. However, your body will be heavy since water is retained in the lower abdomen. You will also feel pain and tenderness in your chest. On your next period, the amount of blood will be much more than usual. Therefore, you should take great consideration before using this method.

Even though taking birth control pills is an effective way to control and delay your period, you should not overuse it. Only take the pill when it’s really necessary.  

Before using this method, make sure that you are not suffered from cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, breast or uterine cancer, liver diseases, diabetes, etc.

Have a fun and meaningful trip! 

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