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Just Need Using This Juice, Your Blood Pressure Will Be In Control

Mrs. An (Kinh Mon, Hai Dzuong) was suffered from high blood pressure for many years. Whenever her blood pressure rose, it was not only hard to breathe but also caused her terrible headache and dizziness. Moreover, she had amnesia and nocturia. Weather change made her joints and back painful. Due to her busy work, her blood pressure was 180/120mmHg (normal people’s number is under 120/80mmHg). There was one time she felt as if her blood veins were about to explode. After that, she fainted and was sent to the hospital. 

high bood pressure
Mrs. Thu An (Kinh Mon, Hai Dzuong) suffered from high blood pressure for many years

Everyday, she had to use medicines to balance her blood pressure. She took all medicines people suggested to her. The shelves at her house had nothing but medicines. That time was truly a big crisis. Her work and life were stressful. She was easy to get angry, which led her family to be messed up. Luckily, a friend told her about water chestnut and corn hair.

Water chestnut contains water (68.52%), starch (18.75%), protein (2.25%), fat (0.19%) and minerals (1.58%)
Water chestnut contains water (68.52%), starch (18.75%), protein (2.25%), fat (0.19%) and minerals (1.58%)

The Best Home Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Learning from her friend, with the help of her husband, Mrs. An started her treatment plan. This method is really simple.


  • 10 water chestnuts
  • 25 grams laminaria japonica (Japanese kelp)
  • 25 grams corn hairs


  • Peel water chestnuts, then wash and slice them
  • At the same time, wash corn hairs and Japanese kelp.
  • Put all ingredients into a pot and boil with enough water for 30 minutes.
  • Use the final product to drink within 1 day.

After a month using this home remedy for high blood pressure, Mrs. An’s blood pressure fell to 140/90mmHg. She no longer feels dizzy, tired or has headache attacks. Her amnesia is also improved.

corn hair
Using water chestnut and corn hairs, Mrs. An is no longer obsessed with high blood pressure.

Keeping up with this home remedy for high blood pressure, her blood pressure is much more balanced now. It is often 130/90 mmHg. Improving her condition, she successfully gets rid of the stress. Thank to that, she has more time to travel with her husband and children. Her life is filled with happiness and smile.

To Mrs. An’s findings, water chestnut is planted under water. It has the same size with green onion and has dark brown peel. Water chestnut contains water (68.52%), starch (18.75%), protein (2.25%), fat (0.19%) and minerals (1.58%).

Water chestnut has sweet taste and is cool with a lot of starch, protein and vitamins. It is used for acne treatment, body detox, expectorant, digestion improvement and obstipation treatment. Furthermore, water chestnut is applied for different health problems such as high fever, water loss, jaundice, hematuria, pinkeye, bronchitis, sore throat, ulcer, acne, etc. Besides, it has anti-bacterial element and prevents cancer.

Notice: Because of its coldness, water chestnut is not suitable for weak people who have to refrain from coldness, have the cold body or are suffered from diarrhea or hard digestion.

Some diseases can be treated with water chestnuts:

  • Hematuria: Peel water chestnuts. Mix half a cup of water chestnut juice with half a cup of wine. Drink when you are hungry. Keep up with it for 3 days. It will help detox your body and cover blood loss.
  • Prevent measles: Slice 10 water chestnuts. Boil water chestnuts with 10g of bamboo leaves. Drink once a day (for 2-3 days).
  • Jaundice: Wash water chestnuts, chop and boil them to drink as tea.
  • Sore throat: Drink 120g of cool water chestnut juice each time.
  • Mouth sores: use water chestnut powder on sore areas.
  • Weak organs after cancer operation: Prepare 60g of water chestnut, 30g of mushrooms, 400g of tofu, 9g of green onion and other spices. Cut tofu into small cubes, chop green onion and peel water chestnuts. Use all ingredients to make soup everyday.
  • Obstipation: Dip 20 water chestnuts into boiling water. Use them to make water chestnut juice. Then, mix it with half a cup of cane juice. Drink 1-2 times per day.
  • Shingles: Peel and grind 5 water chestnuts. Mix with egg white and apply on the areas with shingles.
  • Warts: Peel water chestnut. Use it to rub on the warts until they bleed. Repeat 3-4 times per day (for 7-10 days).
  • Placental pain: Grind roots or leaves of water chestnut. Mix the extracted liquid with half a cup of white wine. Heat the mixture before drinking.

Hope that this home remedy for high blood pressure can help you. Don’t forget to hit like and share it with those who suffer from high blood pressure like you. Thanks for reading and learn more effective home remedies on I Love My Shape.

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