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Show A Different Side Of You With 2 Summer Makeup Looks

[] You are a sweet gal or a cool, sexy lady? It doesn’t matter who you are, sometimes we need to do something different to make our lives more interesting. Try a different makeup style could be one of the things. Here, we introduce to you tutorials of 2 summer makeup looks. Let’s surprise people around you with a very new look in this summer.

1. Look 1: A Lovely Girl

Face makeup:

– Apply moisturizer to soften your skin, then use face spray to keep your skin hydrated.moisture

– Apply Ver 22 Bounce Up Pact to make a light, airy foundation for your skin in summer.

– Use MAC concealer to hide the dark circles and redness on two sides of the nose, which creates an even and smooth look for your skin. Blend the concealer well wit powder puff.


– Dot on a foundation that is darker than your skin tone to contour your nose bridge and jawline, create a V-line face shape.


– Use MAC powder 10 for highlighting.

– Finish off with a layer of powder.

Eye makeup:

– Apply blue eyeshadow on eyelids.

– Add more gray shade to make your eyes look deeper.

– Use double eyelid tape to make your eyes look bigger.


– Define your eyelid with a liquid eyeliner.

– Curl your eyelashes and apply Maybeline mascara.

– Define your eyebrow with a pencil, then use eyebrow powder to fill the inside, create a natural look.

– Use a mascara brush to make your eyebrow look bigger.


Lip makeup:

– Choose pink cream lipstick for your lip to brighten your face.

– Finish with a layer of blush powder on both sides.

2. Look 2: A Sexy Lady

With the makeup of the first look, we just change some details for a sexy style.

– Gather your hair on the back and make a high ponytail.


– Make a cat-eye look with fake eyelashes.

– Use Tony Moly gel eyeliner to draw cat-eyeliner.

– Apply blue eyeshadow on your eyelids.

– Apply gray powder on eyebrows.


– Add blue eye cream to help your eyes look brighter.

– Apply a layer of Sior lipgloss to have fuller lips.

– Finish with a layer or MAC 20 pressed powder.


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