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Symptoms Of Gout And How To Prevent This Disease

[Ilovemyshape.com] This complex form of arthritis – Gout can affect anyone. Although men face a higher risk of getting gout, women are rather highly susceptible to the disease after menopause. A gout attack can occur unexpectedly. It could wake you up anytime at night often making you feel that your big toe is on fire. The affected joint is swollen, hot, and so tender that you may not even be able to put bed sheets on them. One good news is that gout can be treated. Fortunately, there are several ways you can reduce the chances of gout recurring.

The symptoms of gout mostly occur all of a sudden and without warning – oftentimes during the night. Gout symptoms may include intense pain in joint; lingering discomfort; redness and Inflammation; limited range of motion within your joints, etc.

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Symptoms Of Gout And How To Prevent Them

Intense pain in joint

Although Gout can occur in your feet, knees, ankles, wrists and hands, it typically affects the large joint of your big toe. After it begins, the pain is likely to become more severe within the initial four to 12 hours.

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Lingering discomfort

You may begin to feel some discomfort in your joint that may last for some few days or even weeks after the severe pain subsides. Later attacks may likely affect more joints and also last longer.

Redness and Inflammation

The joints or affected joint become tender, swollen, red and warm. Limited range of joint motion. As gout progresses, you tend to have Decreased mobility in your joint.

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Causes Of Gout Disease

When there happen to be high amounts of uric acid in your blood, this can form urate crystals. When these urate crystals form within your joint, Gout then occurs. The urate crystals are actually what causes symptoms of gout attack including intense pain and inflammation.

When your body produces uric acid, it breaks purines down. Purines can be found naturally in certain foods like steak, seafood and organ meats. They can also be found naturally in your body. There are certain foods that also produce higher uric acid levels, such as fructose or fruit sugar-sweetened drinks and alcoholic beverages, most specifically beer.

Normally, uric acid passes through your kidneys and enters your urine after it has dissolved in your blood. But sometimes either your kidneys excrete very low amount of uric acid or your body produces too much uric acid. Uric acid then builds up when this occurs, forming urate crystals in a joint or surrounding tissue. These sharp, needle-like urate crystals then begin to cause pain, swelling and inflammation.

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When you have high amounts of uric acid in your body you have a higher risk of developing gout. Uric acid level in the body can be increased by the following factors:


Eating a diet that’s high in fructose-sweetened beverages or high in fruit sugar, seafood, and high in meat encourages higher uric acid levels, which consequently raises your risk of getting gout. Another thing that increases the risk of getting gout is beer and other alcoholic beverages.


Usually, overweight persons have a greater risk of getting gout as they tend to produce more uric acid in their body and the kidneys have a hard time removing uric acid consequently resulting in an increased risk.

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Medical Conditions

Certain conditions and diseases can also increase your risk of getting gout. These include high blood pressure which goes untreated. It may come with other chronic conditions like metabolic syndrome, diabetes, kidney and heart diseases etc.

The use of thiazide diuretics – commonly used to treat hypertension. Your uric acid levels can also be increased by low-dose aspirin. People who have undergone an organ transplant can begin to experience an increase in the uric acid levels due to the anti-rejection drugs that may be prescribed for them.

Age And Sex

Basically, women are less likely to experience gout due to that fact that they tend to have lower uric acid levels. Men experience Gout often due to the opposite reason. However, levels of uric acid in women rises up to that of men after menopause. In terms of age, men are also more likely get gout earlier than women. This may happen during the ages of 30 to 50. Whiles women are likely to experience symptoms of gout after menopause. Family history of gout also plays a role in increasing your risk of  developing the disease if other close family members have had gout.

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When To See A Doctor

symptoms of gout

Call your doctor as soon as possible when you begin to experience an abrupt, severe pain in your joint. Gout which is not treated will not only make the pain worse but also damage your joint. Immediately get medical care if you when a joint is inflamed and hot and you are also having a fever. This may be a sign of infection.

Are you or any loved one experiencing symptoms of gout? We hope that this article will be helpful to you and your family. Follow I Love My Shape for more healthy living tips.

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