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Lovely And Sweet Vintage Hairstyle For Brides

[] A sweet and lovely vintage hairstyle will help you – the beautiful bride to be gorgeous more than ever on your important day. Follow the following steps and make your groom’s heart stop a beat!

– Step 1: Curl the ends of your hair with a curling iron.


– Step 2: Gather a small section of hair on the front right (or the front part of your bang), then make the Centipede Braid. Once you finish, do the same for the other side.


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– Step 3: To add more volume, start rolling small sections of your hair and secure on the back with bobby pins.


– Step 4: Gather all the curly hair and secure them together on your nape.


– Step 5: Secure 2 braids and loosen your hair a little to have a natural look.


– Step 6: Curling the left strands in the front of your head to create a wavy and soft curls.


– Step 7: Finish off your hair with a flower wreath to add a romantic touch.


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