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Follow This Weight Loss Menu To Lose 3 To 5 kg A Month

[] Losing weight is not only for beauty purpose but also a way to give your body a relief and make it easier for you to battle with the harsh summer. Besides doing exercises, having a good diet is also going to help a lot in slimming your body. You should not starve yourselves in order to get rid of some weight, but you shouldn’t eat everything like you used to either. 

What should we eat to lose weight? Please follow this weight loss menu


1. Breakfast Menu
Breakfast is very important and special; eating a full breakfast with nutrients will not make you gain any weight. So what can we get for breakfast that will not make us fat?

  • Beef: Beef contains a high amount of protein that has enough energy to support your body for the whole day, so it is great to start your day with it.  
  • Fresh milk: Fresh milk supports our body with the needed calories. However, it is better to choose fresh milk with no sugar and less fat, especially when you want to lose weight. 


2. Lunch Menu
For lunch, you can add some carbohydrates to your meal, so your body is not going to suffer from any nutrients deficiencies. Let see what we can have for lunch to lose weight!

  • Carbohydrates: You can support your body with carbs by eating some low-fat grains such as brown rice, corn, and potatoes, etc.
  • Vegetables: Let eat a lot of salad for lunch to prevent the fat accumulation in the abdomen.
  • Protein: You can choose chicken breast, eggs or seafood to make sure that you are supporting your body with the needed protein.

weight loss menu lunch


3. Menu For Dinner
For people who are on a diet, you should not take much for dinner. So what can we eat at this time to reduce body weight?

  • Sour soup: You should try some sour soup such as dracontomelon or tamarind soup, etc.
  • Vegetables: Add some boiled vegetables.
  • Fruits: Finish with a glass of tomatoes juice as the dessert.

3Hope you find useful information from this writing and reach your weight loss target soon!

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